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Hong Kong Tatler: April 2017

With a string of billion-dollar start-ups in his stable, venture capitalist Kent Ho knows how to corral ideas and drive them to reality.

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SOCIETY: The Asia Tatler editors and a panel of 16 experts surveyed the tech scene’s main players aged 40 and under to compile this list of its top 50 rising stars.

FASHION: Forget that staid old black dinner jacket—contemporary interpretations are all the rage in hip young circles.

BEAUTY: Eddie Roschi, the co-founder of cult fragrance brand Le Labo, gives some tips for staying fit and picking the perfect scent.

TECHNOLOGY: Virtual reality was the tech buzzword of 2016, and no wonder. Technical developments have enabled VR headsets to provide a truly immersive experience. We investigate how VR is shaping our lives.

TRAVEL: How the digital revolution is transforming the world of luxury holidays.

WATCHES: Watchmaking is known for innovation and ingenuity, but every now and then brands push the envelope a tad further. We present some incredible timepieces that defy convention.

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