Following in the footsteps of her father, João Gilberto, Bebel Gilberto introduced audiences to her distinct combination of bossa nova beats and electronic dance rhythms at MO Bar, which was at full capacity with audiences happily moving, dancing, and mouthing along to her catchy tunes.

Gilberto flew into Hong Kong in honour of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s tenth anniversary celebrations and took the time to speak with Hong Kong Tatler about her music, and why she is already in love with Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tatler: First off, since it is the hotel’s tenth anniversary, what are your favourite things about The Mandarin Oriental?
Bebel Gilberto: The Mandarin Oriental is already a name. Honestly, I like the history behind the brand and the impeccable taste in their design that is embodied throughout their hotels. It inspires me.

HKT: What do you love about Hong Kong?
BG: I have always been curious about Hong Kong. It’s my first visit, so I don’t really know what I love yet, but the architecture and the colourful skyline is very intriguing; the fact that Hong Kong also has a beautiful harbour, and the mountains also reminds me of home, Rio de Janeiro.

HKT: How do you want your music to make people feel?
BG: I want people to feel complete and at peace. Singing live can be really magical, and those moments only come when you are in the right kind of mood.

HKT: Which of your songs is the most meaningful to you and why?
BG: That’s a very difficult question. All the songs mean a lot to me personally, but right now it’s Tudo from my latest album of the same name, available on Sony Masterworks. It is my favourite song to sing.

HKT: What are your plans for the future and will you return to Hong Kong?
BG: I will keep touring and I’m starting to write new songs for a new project I’m working on. Absolutely, I would love to return to Hong Kong – I feel there is so much left to see. If it’s like Rio, you need more than one visit to really get a feel for what the place has to offer.

Bebel Gilberto’s music is available on Sony Masterworks


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