Chloe Ho

Alisan Fine Arts’ Alice King Gallery will be hosting the first solo exhibition by Chloe Ho from March 24 to April 27, Do You Know Me? The show consists of 25 of her recent works, primarily from 2010 to 2012, ranging from sketches on paper to oil on canvas, she will also include works created especially for the show.

Ho comes from an international background: she’s the daughter of Paulette and George Ho (her great grandfather is sir Robert Ho-Tung), and was born in California, but has lived in Hong Kong since she was five. Her father is Chinese and her mother is American, and the mixed heritage has had a defining influence on her art.

We sat down with the young artist and learnt what inspires her.

Her works are a blend of styles, with her oil paintings showing more Western characteristics, while her charcoal work and paper paintings display a more distinct Chinese influence, seen in her use of strong and bold strokes.

Of the exhibition, Ho says, “I believe the series has such universal appeal because it can speak to everyone: a gesture, a nuance, posture and proximity, the way we look at each other. All are of endless fascination, and ultimately relatable.”

Check out these photos from the White Cube Gallery's opening party.

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