Some of our favourite Hong Kong galleries are ringing in the New Year with solo presentations to showcase the latest in contemporary art. From local to international artists, these exhibitions present four different examples of striking out on your own — and could maybe inspire you to do the same. 

Wang Chuan, Galerie Du Monde

Galerie du Monde_Wang Chuan - Untitled No. 97, 94 x 180 cm, Ink on Paper, 1997.jpg

Photo courtesy of Wang Chuan 

With selected works from the 1990s onwards, Wang’s solo exhibition, Forms of Line, retraces the evolution in his Chinese abstract ink painting over two decades. His heavy and expressive brushstrokes were gradually replaced with dots and lines, which in turn gave way to simple geometric patterns, reflecting the artist’s mental and physical state through the years.

January 5 2017 - February 4 2017 |

Dale Frank, Pearl Lam Gallery

Pearl Lam Galeries_Dale Frank_Out of habit he often walked with a limp for no reason.jpg

Photo courtesy of Dale Frank

The Australian artist’s latest series, in the gallery’s Pedder Building space, continues his investigation of painting from a chemical and transformative perspective. Using pigmented varnish, glass, resin, fire-retardant foam, compression foam and human hair, Frank produces brightly coloured abstract images that highlight the material qualities of painting.

January 19 2017 - March 9 2017 |

Liza Lou, Lehmann Maupin

LL-LM23534 ingxube (KwaMashu) 01 hr.jpg

Photo courtesy of Liza Lou

In her first solo show in Hong Kong, the US artist presents six works of woven beads created with a collective of artisans from South Africa. The show’s title, Ingxube, translates loosely as “random” or “mixture” and alludes to how the artist arranges the beaded strips to form large canvases.

January 19 2017  - March 11 2017 |

Wong Ping, Edouard Malingue Gallery

Wong Ping Who's The Daddy.jpeg

Photo courtesy of Wong Ping

One of the city’s most promising emerging artists with works already collected by M+, Wong Ping plays with colourful and graphic pop-like imagery to address sexual repression, personal sentiments and political limitations. His multimedia solo show features all new works, including the 2016 animation film Who’s the Daddy (pictured).

February 9 2017 - March 11 2017 |

This article was originally published in the January 2017 issue of Hong Kong Tatler

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