Hong Kong socialites getting in shape

With summer on the horizon, we can almost taste the beautiful beaches and yacht days that are also on their way. And getting ready for your new tan lines has never been easier. We talk to six socialites to find out what plans these Hong Kong’s elites have to get in shape for the summer.

Brandon Chau, for example, is determined to do more martial arts training. Read on the find out more.

Lucy Tang
After becoming the first woman in Hong Kong to complete the grand slam of the Racing the Planet endurance races in four deserts, and having finished one more, I’m ready to settle down to more sedate exercises. I continue to hike, play golf and I plan to do more yoga.

Brandon Chau
I’ve been planning all year long, but obviously my plans aren’t working as well as I had hoped! But I’m determined to eat healthy and exercise plenty by running, swimming and doing martial arts training.

Ronald Kwok
I plan to continue working out three to four times a week at the gym, eat a simpler and healthier diet, and most importantly, spend more time running around with my two-and-a-half-year-old twin boys!

Christy Powell
I like to rotate the types of exercise I do. It’s my version of cross-training! I’ve signed up for Action Asia’s 60km endurance race in Lijiang in May, so I’ll need to do a bit more before then. If summer sneaks up on me and I find myself a week away from a beach holiday with a load of girls half my age, I’d reach for my yoga mat, bypass the oms and get going on the handstands!

Mira Yeh
I do pilates three times a week, snowboard, and see my Chinese herbal doctor to keep my health up. Also, I always stay positive. This helps me to stay in shape, both inside and out, all year round.

James Louey
I plan to play more sports such as tennis. I’m also thinking of buying an elliptical machine so I can do some exercise at home.

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