Sabrina Fung-Lam hosted an invitation-only cocktail party to celebrate the opening of Delvaux’s new Landmark boutique, which was designed exclusively by Luxembourg-based artists Martine Feipel and Jean Bechameil, the boutique’s interior features intricate parquet Versailles flooring and décor inspired by traditional Flemish architecture—in keeping with the Belgian brand’s 188 year-old history that’s steeped in art and architecture, and embodies the height of luxury and elegance. After the cocktail party, guests made their way to Sevva for a private dinner where they enjoyed a Belgian-inspired menu. Many raved about the luscious chocolate dessert that was designed by Bonnae Gokson and as a keepsake from the evening, guests were gifted with miniature bag charms of the iconic Delvaux Brillant bag in various exotic leathers.

Covered by: Christian Barlow