I never realised the power of essentials oils until recently. Initially, I only used two or three different oils following the advice of a friend, but now I’ve transformed by home cabinet into a full wellness cabinet stocked with a range of essentials oils, healthy drinks, and other supplements. Over the past month or so, three instances really helped to demonstrate what I feel are the power of good essentials oils:

Treating Migraines 

Now and then I get a migraine, my helper Jasmine who has been with me for twelve years suffers the same problem. It doesn’t happen regularly but when it does we both find it can be quite debilitating. I was advised to put peppermint oil along the pressure points of my head, particularly around my hairline and neckline and for added power, to diffuse peppermint oil at the same time.

Within less than hour, I found myself feeling normal and fine again, and Jasmine too – both of us could resume our normal schedules and felt like we had a new lease on life 

Treating the Flu 

I rarely fall sick but at times I feel really weak and tired, and suffer from a running nose. I was advised to fill an empty capsule with lemon oil and peppermint oil and take it as a supplement. Additionally, I heard that if I rubbed a special blended oil called RC and tea tree on my chest plus an oil called thieves on my feet four times a day I would see a noticeable improvement. Before you know it, the next morning I woke up and my fatigue and congestion was gone, I kept up the same ritual for three days just to be safe, and I’ve been feeling back to normal since then

Treating a Fever

One night a few months back, my three year-old daughter, Shyme was running a high fever, she felt tired and seemed to be in quite a fragile state. I got quite concerned when her fever climbed to 40 degrees so I thought an immediate remedy instead of medicine (apparently you’re not meant to mix essential oils with medicine as they will work against each other). I rubbed some peppermint oil along her feet and underarms every two hours and the next morning her temperature went down and didn’t rise again.

It happened on a separate occasion when Shyme had a dry cough and was having trouble sleeping, so I rubbed cedarwood oil on her chest and back and diffused lemon oil, and she slept through the night with no cough.

It’s worth noting that not all essential oils are made equally, some store bought brands may contain chemicals and other additives so it’s always worth checking. Also, different recipes work for different people – but I’ve only had positive results based on my experience. 

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