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Thakoon S/S17 (Photo: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans) 

If you’ve been paying attention recently, you would have noticed that almost every other celebrity red carpet outfit this season was paired with a slicked, wet hair look.

Gigi Hadid in particular sported the I-just-got-out-of-the-pool look so often, we began to wonder if her pre-party prep was in fact sub-aquatic. 

Admittedly, the style is a little intimidating for us mere mortals to attempt; but done right it can add a bad girl edge to the frilliest of dresses and a magnetic insouciance to a black tie gown.

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Loewe S/S17 and Giambattista Valli A/W17 (Photos: Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans)

As a look, its beauty lies in its confident defiance of societal norms; in the way it says “my face is good enough to pull this off, and I know it.”

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So invest in some quality styling products and a good comb, and start layering on that product. A slicked-back ponytail is a gentler starting point—but pull out a strand or two for an up-to-date twist.

Ready to give it a try? Here's what you'll need to get the look:

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