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 Is there anyone who hasn't experienced wardrobe ennui from time to time? Given the countless brands, designers and shopping options out there, the dilemma of "having nothing to wear" seems almost laughable, yet it persists. This year, do yourself a favour and shake up your personal style—and your wardrobe—with a more sustainable, intentional approach. Be it renting your next occasion frock, going the vintage route or taking a peek at what the second-hand luxury market has to offer, strut out of the comfort zone with our pick of websites to give your closet a new lease on life.



Photo courtesy of YEECHOO

The largest designer apparel rental platform in Asia, YEECHOO is perfect for those who would never be caught in the same outfit twice. With its launch of Hong Kong’s first-ever fashion subscription service, YEECHOO's inventory of over 150 luxury and emerging designers effectively expands your closet options more than tenfold. For a monthly fee, simply choose any outfit, keep it for four days, and return to exchange for another—and the cycle continues, providing a painless (especially for your wallet) approach to switching up your style for any occasion.



Yen Kuok in the Guiltless showroom | Photo courtesy of Guiltless

She may be the youngest daughter of Malaysian tycoon Robert Kuok, but presently Yen Kuok is better known as founder and CEO of Guiltless, the online consignment store making waves in the second-hand luxury market in Asia. Providing free international consignment pick-ups and express global shipping, Guiltless provides an accessible and ecological option for quality style over fleeting trends.  The brand prides itself on first-class service and a carefully curated selection of luxury goods —the fashion might be pre-loved, but there's nothing of the garish variety to be found here.

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 One Vintage


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One Vintage is a unique luxury brand based in London that sells one-of-a-kind reworked garments created by Marcelle Symons. Even if it isn't your inclination to stand out,  no one likes to be wearing the same thing as the next person. For pieces that are wholly singular, Symons blends together vintage textiles and relics into contemporary finds, often including original hand-crafted beading and embroidery. Her work ranges from ornate to delicate but one thing’s for sure—once it’s gone, it’s gone, so act fast. Here’s a tip: for the latest updates, follow them on Instagram.

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Collector Square


The Collector Square showroom in Paris | Photo courtesy of Collector Square 

A second-hand luxury start-up specialising in accessories, Collector Square is proving itself to be a veritable treasure trove for shoppers and collectors alike. The site features an extensive collection of some 5,000 pieces, sourced in no small part due to its founding associations with leading French auction house ArtCurial. Having launched in Hong Kong only last November, the site maintains first-class accessibility for local clients, through services like concierges reachable via Whatsapp. Each pre-owned handbag, watch or piece of fine jewellery is meticulously appraised and certified in their Paris showroom so that you can rest assured of its quality and authenticity.

What Goes Around Comes Around


Gerard Maione (far left) and Seth Weisser (far right) at WGACA's South Beach store opening | Photo courtesy of WGACA

Boasting a curated collection spanning every decade from the 1880s to the 1990s (a highlight of which includes the world’s largest collection of vintage Chanel), What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) prides itself on setting a new standard for authentic luxury vintage. Founders Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione have been purveyors of collectable clothing and accessories since they opened their first store in the '90s. In 2016, the WGACA relaunched its website with an exclusive collection available only online. Give the site a browse if you’re looking for a model-off-duty kind of vibe.

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