Tony Gaziano and Dean Girling

Opened in 2006, the fairly young English company Gaziano & Girling makes detailed, stylish and classic shoes and,doesn’t compromise on quality. Its designers Dean Girling and Tony Gaziano both have extensive experience in bespoke and ready-to-wear and are recognised as a producer of some of the world’s finest men’s.

Gaziano & Girling

Your brand in three words
Stylish, understated, refined.

Your signature style
It changes as we develop new ones. We are always pushing the boundaries of craftwork, our last being a seamless whole cut – this has no seams at all, and can only be done by hand, the purpose being to give a very clean simple look with the emphasis on shape and quality, rather than detail.

Your quintessential customer
Most of our customers are in the law trade, the financial sector or medical profession. These are people who dress to impress. We do have some billionaire customers, but they tend not to need dressy shoes when they spend 60 per cent of the year on their yachts.
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Defining shoe moment

Creating the single-piece oxford, which I thought was impossible.

Your favourite pair of shoes
Vintage cherry slip-on shoes – the style is St Thomas. The colour is just so warm and beautiful.

Your shoe rules
The only one I have contradicts my Italian heritage: do not wear tan shoes with blue suits. I hate this combination – it makes your feet stand out like floodlights.
Worst shoe faux pas
Those over-detailed, extra-long pointed shoes. They look like something a pimp would wear and I can’t believe so many guys wear them with suits.
The difference between a good and a bad shoe
For me, a bad shoe is not necessarily a cheap shoe, a bad shoe is defined by a brand over-charging for average quality just because it is well known. A good shoe is a simple and honest product. After that, it comes down to style and taste.

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