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"It was love at first sight after I saw her moves," says British TV presenter Poppy Jamie of the moment she collided with actress and fellow Brit Suki Waterhouse on the dancefloor of a nightclub in LA. A very silly dance-off ensued, and from that day forth the pair have been the firmest of friends.

Fast forward a few years and—following nearly 6 months of Instagram teasing—the pair have launched a line of chic, minimal and uber-millennial handbags, bag accessories and jewellery manufactured in Downtown LA.

Their debut autumn 2016 collection comprised of two styles: a camera bag and a tote, in a tight colour palette of candy pink, burgundy and black. The creative duo chat with us about the launch of their new it-girl accessories line.

What’s it like working with a best friend?

Poppy: It’s the best! You get to be creative, build something together and have a gossip too!

Suki: It’s wonderful! I love a productive friendship.


Image courtesy of Pop & Suki

 Can you sum up each other’s style?

Poppy: Suki has a more laid back style and I wear more girly dresses and heels 

Suki: We understand each other’s style though - I can see something I know is right for Polly straight away.

What is the key message of your brand?

Poppy: Girl power: minimal, practical and limitless sharing of love and care. 

Suki: Definitely girls working together and having the best time. The message behind the brand is clean, easy stylish items that are amazing quality. 


Image courtesy of Pop & Suki

 Is it difficult establishing a brand when you both live in different countries and have so much else going on in your lives?

Suki: We have the most amazing team of people working with us, so it hasn't been too hard. Apart from organising and adhering to different time zones so we can talk on the phone!

Poppy: Our co-founder Leo is an absolute genius!

Have you sought advice or mentoring from others in the industry?

Suki: Absolutely. I had a meeting with Anya Hindmarch when we started and she was fantastic. 

Poppy: Krista Smith, the west coast editor of Vanity Fair, is my mentor. She is the most amazing woman. I really look up to her, and she gives me the best advice.  


Image courtesy of Pop & Suki

Tell me about the pink Instagram account. Did it take a long time to decide on this format? What informed this decision?

Poppy: Yes and yes. Months and hours of scrolling Instagram, but we are obsessed with it. We wanted the Instagram, which is basically our shop window, to look very cohesive with the brand 

Suki: It's our favourite colour and fits our aesthetic. I wanted our page to be a landmark, and I feel like you're uplifted and drawn into our world when you go on the Instagram page. It's an experience. 


Image courtesy of Pop & Suki

What do you always have in your handbag?

Poppy: Money, mobile phone charger, lipstick, mascara, concealer, hair clips and headphones.

Suki:  Cards, keys, lip balm. Right now I'm carrying around a tiny plastic rat I took from a Halloween party. 

You both have experience in front of the camera. Is it nice to be the other side of the lens—designing, directing shoots—instead?’

Poppy: It's even more creative which means it's more fun. I love the design process. 

Suki: I really enjoy both sides. But it's a relief to be on the other side occasionally.  


Image courtesy of Pop & Suki

What does the future hold for Pop & Suki?

Poppy: Oh gosh… hopefully everything. Girl power in the form of lots of exciting new products.

Suki: That's the exciting thing about having a brand. The journey is continuous and constantly taking new directions.

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