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You can spend all the money in the world on clothes, but what happens when you run out of closet space? Fear not – a brand new service, Vault Couture, is here for you. It’s a luxury wardrobe service that stores all those clothes that don’t fit in your wardrobe in a secure vault.

Mounissa Chodieva founded the company when she realised she had run out of space for her own wardrobe. Chodieva recalls, “My family has several homes, I have a lot of clothes, I work, I travel. And I came to a point where I didn’t know where anything was or what I owned. When rents were low in London in 2008, I even thought about renting a studio apartment for my clothes.” She continues, “As I had been putting Polaroid photos on shoeboxes [to identify the contents], I thought: why not do the same with my clothes? So I catalogued everything and got a guy to create a software system to manage them.”

Mounissa Chodieva

Chodieva’s software has now morphed into an iPad application that manages stores of other people’s clothes; the studio she thought about renting is now a warehouse with a top-notch security system.

Vault Couture will send a team to your home, and colour-coordinate, re-fold and hang all your clothes, then create a detailed catalogue, with every item photographed and barcoded for you, that can be accessed online or printed out.

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To store your clothes in the London vault, you can pay a flat starter fee of £2,000 to catalogue up to 100 items. Or, for unlimited storage and cataloguing, you can become a platinum member and pay £10,000 a year to get all of Vault Couture’s services such as deliveries and pick ups, minor alterations, cataloguing, a personalised account and other online services.

Below are Vault Couture’s simple three-step process to preserve your fashion investments:

Vault Couture

1. The client decides what she wants catalogued. Those items are picked up and taken back to the vault. Once there, each item will be professionally photographed and barcoded (the barcode holds all details, such as brand, size, previous dry cleaning record and any incurred damage)


2. Clothes are stored in the state-of-the-art, humidity controlled and air-purified facility in London. There, they are kept in breathable garment bags or acid-free tissue and placed in a breathable box

Alteration at Vault Couture

3. Items are catalogued online, where clients can access their wardrobe 24/7. And if you need alterations the dedicated staff will happily sew on lost buttons, hem pants and dresses, and fix tears

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