G.O.D. and Kukri Design Collaborate for the Rugby Sevens
Douglas Young’s quintessentially Hong Kong store G.O.D. partners with Kukri to create Rugby fashion
By Asia Tatler
Mar 16, 2012

G.O.D. and Kukri for the Rugby Sevens

Hometown favourite Goods of Desire (G.O.D.) this year helps to extend Kukri’s Rugby Sevens range in Hong Kong, as all Kukri items will carry a specially designed “Kukri x G.O.D.” logo featuring elements of the original Hong Kong flag.

Drawing on the Sevens’ international appeal, G.O.D. designers have created an array of rugby-inspired items, including polos, traditional Chinese jackets, boxers and various accessories.

“When Kukri approached us on the Rugby Sevens project, we naturally agreed,” says G.O.D. co-founder Douglas Young, “Through the entire process, from brainstorming to production, we’ve always been on the same page. Our shared sense of humour and approaches to the look and feel of this line really shine through in the designs.”

Douglas Young

A percentage of sales will go to the Foodlink Foundation, a worthy hunger relief cause supported by both Kukri and G.O.D.

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