Pearl Lam Gallery to Open in Hong Kong
The Pearl Lam Gallery confirms a permanent space in Pedder Building
Mar 01, 2012

pearl lam

The Pearl Lam gallery has announced the opening of its Hong Kong permanent space at the Pedder Building, joining the city’s art heavyweights Ben Brown and the Gagosian in the Central location.

The new gallery that opens to the public on May 16, on the eve of ArtHK, will debut with an inaugural exhibition curated by Gao Minglu featuring Chinese contemporary abstract artists including Li Xiaojing, Qin Yufen, Qiu Zhenzhong, Zhu Jinshi, Yan Binghui, Su Xiaobai, Zhang Jianjun and Li Huasheng. And thereafter it will focus on fine art and design exhibitions working in tangent with its sister gallery in Shanghai.

"Since ArtHK's first edition 4 years ago, Hong Kong has been gradually transforming into a contemporary art centre to rival London and New York, attracting both an international and local audience. I am elated by and proud of these changes and want to contribute to this continuing transformation. I am returning to my home, where I grew up and where I first started my business. I want to develop a dynamic and distinctive gallery programme that showcases international, Asian and local artists”, said gallery owner, Pearl Lam.

Pearl Lam has always been an advocate for Chinese contemporary art, however at the time, the art scene in Hong Kong was placid and the market had very little interest in Chinese contemporary art. As a result, Lam relocated to China in the early 2000’s, and has since been flexing her art muscles in Shanghai and Beijing, keep a close eye on the Hong Kong art scene with occasional satellite projects in Hong Kong.

Click here to see the photos from Pearl Lam's last satellite event in Hong Kong.


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