Most of us have Instagram, but not all of us can take pictures quite like these 10 Hong Kong photographers who've made a name (and huge following) for themselves.

Using Instagram to showcase their work and connect with other talented individuals, they've been able to launch successful careers in photography while maintaining their day jobs, working with big-name clients like Cartier, La Perla and Nike.

Looking to up your Instagram game? Follow these 10 Hong Kong photographers to learn a thing or two:

Edward Barnieh 


Photo: Courtesy of Edward Barnieh

Instagram: @edwardkb

Edward Barnieh's Instagram journey started back in London, but grew instantly after he moved to Hong Kong. After attending a photowalk with fellow aspiring photographers, they created Instameet HK in 2013, an organisation where photographers come together and shoot around Hong Kong.  

By day, Barnieh is the director of acquisitions and co-productions for Cartoon Network, Asia Pacific. His independent works include collaborations with brands including Infiniti, Nike, UBS, Volkswagen and Cathay Pacific.

Elaine Li 


Photo: Courtesy of Elaine Li

Instagram: @lielaine

It all started 15 years ago for Elaine Li, whose passion and source of creativity has always lied in photography. Five years ago, a friend told her to download Instagram to showcase her photographs to the world, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Aside from being senior art director at Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, her photography skills has led her to work with notable brands and companies such as DJI, Cartier, Huawei, The North Face and Nike. She's also had the opportunity to work with various tourism boards from Finland, Singapore and Barcelona.

Irwin Chan 


Photo: Courtesy of Justin Lim (left) and Irwin Chan (right)

Instagram: @irwinsychan

An architectural designer by trade, Irwin discovered photography back when he used to live in Manchester. After coming back to Hong Kong, he met a whole new community of photographers solely from Instagram, whom he would meet up with often to shoot around the city.

Some of Chan's work include weddings in Manchester, a proposal at the Upper House in Hong Kong, and an intimate gig for a band called Roo Panes—not to mention working with Canon Asia, Hypebeast and Passion Passport.

Jeremy Cheung 


Photo: Courtesy of Jeremy Cheung

Instagram: @rambler15

From a full-time research officer at the Education Bureau to freelance photographer, Jeremy Cheung has been a regular Instagram user since 2011, when he started off showcasing a slightly different side of Hong Kong through its old districts and social issues. 

His collection of film photographic work "Hong Kong: Hopes & Fears" was recently published at theDesk and his work also features in an international photo book "Insta Grammar: City" (2016).  

Cheung's clients and collaborations include Canon HK, Audi, Mido Watches, Absolut Vodka, HK Design Centre, iDiscoverHongKong App, and PMQ.  

Kay Kulkarni 


Photo: Courtesy of Kay Kulkarni

Instagram: @kulkimoose

Kay Kulkarni fell into photography after attending one of Hong Kong's 'Instameets'. Through the photography excursion with aspiring photographers like himself, Kulkarni discovered that he had a real knack for taking stunning photos, and not only on Instagram.

We hear he's currently working on a very important project with an ocean conservation organisation (which we're sure we'll be hearing lots more about soon). 

Kevin Mak 


Photo: Courtesy of Kevin Mak

Instagram: @kingymak

While practicing at international architectural firm, OMA, Kevin Mak started photography on Instagram by curating emotional visual stories through capturing the imperfections found in city environments. 

His works have been displayed in exhibitions such as the Selected Alumni Works of CUHK Architectural School at Times Square's Pavilion. He’s also been a speaker for Dutch Days in HK & Apple Talk; leading city walk workshops with Design Trust, Storefront for Art & Architecture, and iDiscoveryCityWalk on topics of urban space and heritage.

You may have also seen Mak on our 2016 Generation T list, Time Out Hong Kong, City Magazine Hong Kong and Zolima City Magazine.

Jessamine Barnieh 


Photo: Courtesy of Jessamine Barnieh

Instagram: @jesso

Filipino at heart, but born and raised in the city of London, Jessamine Barnieh has always had the passion for writing, photography, crafts and calligraphy. Upon moving to Hong Kong, she started using Instagram as a visual diary by taking a photo a day to document her first year of living abroad. 

Through her passion for photography (shared with her husband Edward Barnieh), she's had the opportunity to work with a variety of airlines and tourism boards such as the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia, Secret Helsinki, Finn Air, Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways, City of Yokohama and the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

Vivien Liu 


Photo: Courtesy of Vivien Liu

Instagram: @vdubl

A devoted Instagram user since 2013, Vivien Liu started out by sharing photos of what she was trained to design—architecture. Skilled at envisioning and representing space before they are realised, this greatly influenced her photography as she was drawn to shooting lines and geometry. 

This passion gave Liu the chance to work with companies such as American Express, Jack Daniels, Huawei, Converse and Samsung.  Since then she's expanded her style to include portraits.

Justin Lim 


Photo: Courtesy of Justin Lim

Instagram: @hurtingbombz

Justin Lim's photography journey started at the young age of 15, when he started experimenting with film photography before attending law school. Upon returning to Hong Kong in 2003, he continued to work as a photographer on the side while practicing law. In fact, he shot for the first-ever Clockenflap music festival for Kee Club Magazine and has worked with luxury brands like La Perla.  

A few years ago, Lim left his law firm and became a fully-fledged photographer, running his own multi-purpose space,The Kandid. Although he never had the intention of becoming an Instagram "influencer", that's just what comes with the territory.

Victor Cheng  


Photo: Courtesy of Victor Cheng

Instagram: @veeceecheng

Victor Cheng was just a student when he started using Instagram back in 2012, sharing food posts and his #OOTD's (outfit of the days). As a multimedia and communications student in Toronto, he had a natural eye for photography.  

Now working as an art director, Cheng regularly works with clients such as Mont Blanc, Moleskine, Uber, Canon, Hypebeast, American Express and Heineken.

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