Milk baths, manicures and massages aren't just for humans. In Hong Kong, it's just another day at the spa for the city's poshest pets (of which there are many).

From imported Japanese and Korean bathing products to special grooming techniques, scroll through our slideshow for five of Hong Kong's best pet groomers to pamper your pet: 

Paw Palace


Photo: Courtesy of Paw Palace

Paw Palace offers high-end products and services combined with the idea of ​​"five elements of nature" in a unique Japanese-style hot spring hotel. Expect nothing but quality Japanese grooming services provided with the finest Japanese and Korean products. Paw Palace isn't just a spa and salon, they've also got a boutique and wellness clinic. 

Paw Palace, 4A&B Po Foo Building, 1 Foo Ming St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, +852 2576 3999,

Fluffy Little Things


Photo: Courtesy of Fluffy Little Things

Fluffy Little Things offer massages, professional grooming services and even daycare services for parents with busy schedules. Created to provide a space where humans and their pets can spend time together, there's an indoor and outdoor terrace for both parties to relax and unwind. And did we mention the super cute photo booths?

Fluffy Little Things, 1/F, 21 Wood Road, Wan Chai, +852 2368 9833,

Sexy Sushi


Photo: Courtesy of Sexy Sushi

With a name like Sexy Sushi, you know this Hong Kong pet groomer is out of the ordinary. Not only do they offer basic grooming services with milk spas, they're also able to help give your pet a new coat of colour—in the form of hair dying services. Like it or not, it's one way to get your pet to stand out.

Sexy Sushi, G/F, 85A High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong, +852 2858 6966,

Hot Tails Salon

hot tails.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Hot Tails Salon

Hot Tails Salon offers a range of fine shampoos, deep conditioning treatments and baths, along with relaxing aroma spas and even mud spas. With a full-service styling salon on site, your pet is groomed to perfection by their gentle, skillful and experienced staff. There's also plenty of snacks and chew toys on offer, so your pet can stay occupied throughout. 

Hot Tails Salon, 1st Floor, 1 Sing Woo Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, +852 2892 2226,

Dogger 16665293_1512731225422583_3043205590739043115_o.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Dogger

Located in Kennedy Town, Dogger is a neighbourhood groomer that's run by doting dog owners themselves. Some customers even travel all the way from Tuen Mun to Dogger for their professional grooming services, so you know they've got to be good. Besides grooming, they also offer obedience training, daycare and pet supplies. 

Dogger, 98 Catchick St, Sai Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2388 4088,

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