It is something of a tradition that, at each Tatler Ball, a number of individuals are commended for their unique attributes and contributions to society. This year, we at Hong Kong Tatler wanted to design a trophy that would truly reflect our multi-faceted awardees.

"The Tatler Awards have been around for almost 20 years," says Edipresse Media Asia Chairman, CEO and Group Regional Publisher, Barrie C. Goodridge. "We've given awards to some amazing people, from Singapore to Hong Kong and Malaysia, and every country where there is a Tatler." 

Each year the trophy design changes, and for 2014 we decided to craft one iconic piece – one that would be used for every Tatler Ball from here on. After exploring a number of options for design firms all around the world, we were most impressed by the vision and innovation of Grace Cheung and Royce YC Hong, the duo at the helm of Taiwanese design firm XRANGE

Cheung and Hong believe that the Tatler award recipients are multi-faceted individuals whose presence and contribution to their community has resulted in their success. Cheung wanted to utilise the concept of interlocking pieces to create a distinctive design for the trophy. Plexiglass was the material of choice – while humble, it can be hand polished to create a dazzling effect, symbolic of the personality traits of each awardee, who have created their successes from the ground up. Two pieces of polished stainless steel, engraved with the Tatler "T" logo and the award recipients' names, were the finishing touches to the trophy.

The Tatler Award is a work of art, that will grace the mantelpieces of the most important people across Asia. "Over time, we're convinced that it will become an iconic trophy award," says Goodridge. 

Watch the video below to see how the design came together, then click here to see who received the inaugural trophies at this year's Tatler Ball.

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