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Chaumet Joséphine Engagement Ring

Do you favour the traditional diamond solitaire, the one that everyone else has? Or would you opt for a bespoke engagement ring that stands out? The new Chaumet Joséphine engagement ring features a pear-cut sapphire set atop two layers of elegant diamond-paved bands, totaling 1.2 carats and 1.15 carats respectively, and is an encore to the successful Joséphine tiara ring that launched earlier this year. We like that the pink gold band is classic in its design, yet boasts a modern aesthetic that is versatile enough for both formal and casual events. Four other coloured stones are also available: a green troumaline, a rubellite, a ruby or an emerald, but we’re mesmerised by the sapphire’s rich colour and versatility. Who said only diamonds are forever?

Price: HKD 409,000

Available at: Chaumet’s IFC Mall, Times Square, Elements and Airport boutiques

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