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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her <strong>De Beers Adonis Rose Solitaire Ring</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Van Cleef & Arpels Butterfly Symphony Watch</strong><div>HKD 1010000</div><div></div> <strong>Van Cleef & Arpels Between the Finger White Gold and  Diamond Lotus Ring</strong><div>HKD 243000</div><div></div> <strong>De Beers Fancy Pink Sleeper Diamond Earrings</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Burberry Yellow Leather Preston Crossbody Bag</strong><div>HKD 12000</div><div></div> <strong>Burberry Russet Red Bridle Leather Alchester Bowling Bag</strong><div>HKD 13000</div><div></div> <strong>Hermès Diamonds and Mother-of-Pearl Watch</strong><div>HKD 90400</div><div></div> <strong>Callixto Turkish Delights Rose Sultana Bracelet</strong><div>HKD 1011</div><div></div> <strong>Callixto Turkish Delights Byzantine Coin Earrings</strong><div>HKD 4342</div><div></div> <strong>Callixto Green Colour Me Happy Necklace</strong><div>HKD 2179</div><div></div>

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Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

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