Best Designer Jewellery <strong>De Beers Pink Enchanted Lotus Pendant</strong><p>Made simple and elegant, this pink Enchanted Lotus pendant from De Beers is the perfect gift to express your love on Valentine&rsquo;s Day. The endless lines of paved diamonds are set in white gold, bordering and setting the backdrop for the dazzling solitaire-set pink diamond featured at the centre of the pendant.</p><div></div><div></div> <strong>Tiffany & Co. Pink Spinel and Diamond Platinum Earrings</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Tiffany & Co. Hearts Pendant</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Fabergé Poppy Ring</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Fabergé Charmeuse Azure Bangle</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Emphasis Jewelery Rosy Love Hearts and Arrows Rose Gold Diamond Ring</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Emphasis Jewelery Lotus Leaft Rose Gold and Diamond Ring</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>Dior Joaillerie Dior Pré Catelan Necklace</strong><div>HKD 40000</div><div></div> <strong>De Beers Wildflowers Stud Earrings</strong><div></div><div></div> <strong>De Beers Three Adonis Rose Ring</strong><div></div><div></div>

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