The Celestial Collection | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi

SP-RG2953 1ct Pear Celstial Solitaier Ring.jpg

1 carat Pear Solitaire ring from the Celestial Collection | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi

CL-PD8264 Celestial Pendant.jpg

Celestial Pendant from the Celestial Collection | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi


SP-ER2525 0.50ct Emerald Celestial Solitaire Earstuds.jpg

0.50 carat Emerald Earstuds from the Celestial Collection | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi

Classic Endless Cut Wedding Band.jpg

 Classic Endless Cut Wedding Band | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi

EL-RG1078 1-50ct Round Tulip Ring.jpg

1.5 carat round Tulip Ring | Photo courtesy of Nirav Modi

Many moons ago, an immortal princess fell in love with a mortal cow herder. The king was outraged, and placed the young lovers in the sky, separated by the celestial river of the milky way. But space and time were no barriers to their love – every year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, the two lovers are reunited.

The Chinese legend of Vega and Altair has been told as long as the stars have shone. It’s that kind of eternal and boundless love that Nirav Modi celebrate in their Celestial Collection. An engagement ring is more than a token gesture or formality: it’s the physical embodiment of your passion and commitment. So what symbol will you choose to tell your story?

Conveying the cosmic beauty of the night sky, the Celestial Collection is defined by stunning solitaire jewels suspended in diamond orbits. The magnetism of moons, stars and suns mirror the irresistible and invisible force of love, solidifying your unique story with the interstellar sparkle of eternity. Only the best quality diamonds are selected for the stunning solitaire centrepiece, with all Celestial jewels being GIA certified. 

The Endless Cut Wedding Band, one of Nirav Modi's patented diamond cuts, borrows some of this cosmic inspiration with a more philosophical approach to space and time. Capture spirituality and science in one endless halo of diamonds, cut to an exacting fit for the wearer and bringing a new meaning to oneness and eternity. 

The Tulip Ring collection takes inspiration from more earthly origins, looking instead at the fantasy of the fairy tale happily-ever-after. Utilising simple design and pure cuts to showcase the stunning diamond centrepiece, this is a classic ring for a tale as old as time.

From the carefully and responsible sourcing of solitaire diamonds to the detailed polishing and cutting, Nirav Modi’s latest collections combine artistic craftsmanship and luxury materials with the oral tradition of folklore and legends to create the ultimate symbol of timeless romance. Begin your marital journey with a ring that truly expresses who you are: bring your own unique tale of love to life with a ring that promises everlasting elegance and a lifetime of love.

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