Hing Chao

Hing Chao

Hing Chao has been active in preserving cultural heritage in China and Hong Kong since 2003, working in diverse fields from revitalising indigenous cultural traditions in Manchuria, to research and revival of Chinese martial arts and sports, documentation of ethnic musical traditions and restoration of historical buildings. His career in cultural preservation began in 2004 with the establishment of The Orochen Foundation, which is to date the only NGO dedicated to empowering marginalised small indigenous communities in the far north of China. The ‘Orochen Cultural Heritage Preservation Project’, co-founded by The Orochen Foundation and China National Museum of Ethnology in 2005, remains the most comprehensive initiative to revive the endangered heritage of the Orochen. Since then Chao has founded Hong Kong International Kung Fu Festival, launched in 2009 to celebrate the city’s kung fu culture, Journal of Chinese Martial Studies, the only research periodical for Chinese sports and martial arts, and Earthpulse.

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