Finding The Flavours Of France With Fabrice Vulin Of The Tasting Room

Join The Tasting Room's executive chef as he travels around France in search of the best ingredients. New episodes launched weekly, beginning January 5, 2018.

Teaser: The Flavours Of France

Discover the finest French ingredients as curated by The Tasting Room's executive chef Fabrice Vulin

Episode 1: The World's Most Expensive Beef

Fabrice visits famed Parisian butcher Alexandre Polmard and travels with him to his cattle farm

Episode 2: The Taste Of Luxury

Fabrice meets with two long-time friends specialising in truffle and caviar

Episode 3: To Market, To Market

Fabrice visits some of France's best regional markets to see what's in season

Episode 4: The Cheese Cellars Of Vieux-Ferrette

Fabrice travels to the eastern tip of France to sample cheeses from famed affineur Bernard Antony

Episode 5: A Feast Of Flavours

Back at The Tasting Room in Macau, Fabrice creates a menu inspired by his travels through France