3 Drinks Experts On How To Booze Well On New Year's Eve


December 29, 2017 | BY Charmaine Mok

Instead of champagne, how about freshly bottled sake or a vermouth and soda? We asked three leading drinks experts a few simple questions about how to drink well this New Year's Eve—and how to best nurse those tender heads the next morning.


Victoria Chow

Victoria is the founder of The Woods and Kwoon, and a dedicated disciple of the principle of drinking better. 

Instead of bubbly this year, I recommend…  

A cocktail with St. George Terroir gin - The Douglas Fir pine notes always puts me in the holiday mood!

But if you really can’t live without champagne, then go for… 

Billecart-Salmon Champagne is always a treat. Otherwise, get adventurous with your bubbles! Perhaps a fun Lambrusco with your next charcuterie board, or my new-world favourite, Schramsberg from California.

My secret hangover cure is… 

A jug of water on the nightstand to guzzle down before crashing in bed. Otherwise, a Bloody Mary is a tried and true hair of the dog.

3 Drinks Experts On How To Booze Well On New Year's Eve

Elliot Faber

Elliot is the beverage director of Yardbird and Ronin, certified sake expert and co-founder of Sake Central

Instead of bubbly this year, I recommend...

A glass of sake, of course! Even better if it is unpasteurised and freshly bottled in the last 60 days or so. These sake tend to have a very slight pétillant nature with tiny, subtle bubbles and can be consumed out of a celebratory champagne flute if necessary because of it's youthful, vibrant flavour profile.

But if you really can’t live without champagne, then go for...

Artéis & Co. Blanc de Blanc. Everything from the label to the elegant bubbles and the approachable structure of this champagne is the perfect bottle to ring in the new year.

My secret hangover cure is...

Drink water, lots of it, all night long and then a piece of cheese right before bed—preferably Parmigiano Reggiano. It fixes everything.



Sarah Heller

Sarah is the newest Master of Wine in Hong Kong and, quite possibly, the youngest MW in the world

Instead of bubbly this year, I recommend…

Vermouth and soda with an orange wedge: it has the same alcohol level as beer but is much more festive. If I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use Barolo Chinato; Cappellano is the original and still one of my favourites. 

But if you really can’t live without champagne, then go for…

Something that’s too good to guzzle so you’re still sober enough at midnight to be discerning about whom you kiss. René Geoffroy, Vouette et Sorbée and Charles Dufour would be my picks.

My secret hangover cure is…

An espresso with a shot of Fernet Branca—when I was a child my parents drank Fernet as a digestive aid and I, not knowing it was alcoholic, did the same. Worked every time. 

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