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DigestAn Education in Wine: Berry Bros. & Rudd Launches New Wine Book

An Education in Wine: Berry Bros. & Rudd Launches New Wine Book

An Education in Wine: Berry Bros. & Rudd Launches New Wine Book
By Joanna Lam
October 27, 2015
Learn about the essence of wine through a good read published by the British wine merchant

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Berry Bros. & Rudd brings the company’s renowned introduction to Wine course to oenophiles through their new book. The 240-page book, with foreword by award-winning actress Emma Thompson and stunning photography by Jason Lowe, takes the reader on an enthralling wine journey.

Starting with how to taste wine, it gradually introduces the key grape varieties and wine regions, with optional digressions along the way, leading the reader further into the world of wine today.

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While the backbone of the book is a tasting course, the practical core sections include useful insights on the ‘background’ of each grape variety, for example where it is commonly grown.

It also reflects the experience and passions of the team at the British wine merchant, with articles and discussions on the history of wine, as well as on the latest thinking, fashions and debates taking place among winemakers today.

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Wine aficionados can also better understand the scent, taste and all-important balance of the wine in a glass through the useful graphics in the book. Designed by Lizzie Ballantyne, after taking the course, innovative ‘targets’ provide a visual representation of the different elements at play in wine.

For more information on Berry Bros. & Co’s new book please click here.


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