Ask and Answer with Andre Chiang and Richard Ekkebus


June 24, 2016 | BY Wilson Fok

The executive chef of Amber and owner of Singapore’s Restaurant Andre went head to head over some hard questions and laughs to share

Videography by Tyrone Wu


Last May, Taiwanese chef Andre Chiang embarked on a whirlwind tour to Hong Kong to promote his book: Octaphilosophy. During the tour, the young chef also collaborated with Richard Ekkebus of Amber for a four-hands dinner, an event that also bid farewell to the French restaurant’s iconic sea urchin dish. Having two headlining chefs such as Ekkebus and Chiang under the same roof is rare, and we took the opportunity to sit down with both of them, setting them the challenge of asking each other a series of difficult quickfire questions


While dishes can tell you a lot about chefs, it is the smaller details in life that can tell us more about these personalities beyond what they put on the burner and on the plate. In the above video, watch these two chefs ask each other the hard questions, with some hilarious answers you would never expect from them.