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Tastemakers Creating The Ultimate Off Menu Experience With V-ZUG

Creating The Ultimate Off Menu Experience With V-ZUG

Creating The Ultimate Off Menu Experience With V-ZUG
By Tatler Dining
February 28, 2020
Take a look back at Off Menu, 2019’s food event of the year

Feed your curiosity—this was the invitation and premise for the inaugural Off Menu food festival that took place in Hong Kong last November, bringing together 16 incredible chefs and 4 world-class mixologists for three days of culinary creativity. Hosted on the iconic rooftop of Peak Galleria, looking out over the spectacular Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbour, the open-air event was unlike anything else the city had seen before—the heady mix of international and local talent, never-before-seen gastronomic creations and electric atmosphere seasoned with live music came together for the Off Menu experience.

Video: Kevin Cheung

The line-up of chefs featured top names from around the city as well as familiar faces from leading Michelin-starred restaurants around the world, who paired up to create 12 truly "off menu" dishes for over 1300 guests. Among the star-studded roster was chef Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room, whose artistic sensibilities were unexpectedly paired with the rock ’n’ roll irreverence of chef Hisato Hamada and the Wagyumafia team. Together, they created two unforgettable off menu dishes with the aid of the fully fitted out V-ZUG kitchen that enabled them to serve the constant line of guests outside their booth.

Vicky Lau using the V-ZUG Combi-Steam oven at Off Menu Hong Kong (Photo: Jensen Hoi)
The V-ZUG Combi-Steam oven (Photo: Tate Dining Room)
The Tate Dining Room team preparing for service (Photo: Wilson Fok)
Wagyumafia's Home Kong Hoagie (Photo: Jensen Hoi)
Tate Dining Room's Sesame Sichuan Wagyumafia Beef Tartare On Rice Cake (Photo: Jensen Hoi)

The Dishes

Sesame Sichuan Wagyumafia Beef Tartare On Rice Cake

Vicky seeks to create a Chinese iteration of a typical French dish, where the premium Wagyumafia beef is seasoned with a mixture of Sichuan spices and fragrant sesame oil. The rice crisp, inspired by both Shanghainese rice cakes and the crispy bottom layers of claypot rice, is a blend of three types of grains from Japan, China and Hong Kong. 

The Wagyumafia Home Kong Hoagie

Hong Kong holds a special place in Chef Hisato’s heart as it is the home of Wagyumafia’s first international branch. November 2019 marked the one year anniversary of Wagyumafia in Hong Kong and for Off Menu, Hisato prepared a sandwich inspired by his adopted home: strips of grilled Ozaki striploin steak on the city’s finest baguette with potato purée, accompanied by black truffle sauce, mitarashi sauce, black pepper and golden leaf.

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