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Digest Dear Lilly Is Bar Maestro Ashley Sutton’s Most Ambitious Project Yet

Dear Lilly Is Bar Maestro Ashley Sutton’s Most Ambitious Project Yet

Dear Lilly Is Bar Maestro Ashley Sutton’s Most Ambitious Project Yet
By Charmaine Mok
January 03, 2018
The mastermind behind Ophelia, J.Boroski, Iron Faeries and Yojimbo is launching a bar and restaurant inspired by romance this February

For his fifth Hong Kong F&B project in less than two years, award-winning designer Ashley Sutton is turning to the age-old theme of romance to woo the masses. Dear Lilly will be an expansive bar and restaurant located within a glass-walled space on the roof of the IFC building, and is inspired by epic love letters, dreamy flower-lined Parisian boulevards and bouquets of blossoms.

If you have ever been to one of Sutton’s fantastical venues, you will know that this is a man who doesn’t do things by halves. You can expect Dear Lilly to be as theatrical as his other iconic creations, from the sultry, drag-a-licious Ophelia to the whimsical, butterfly-filled Iron Faeries. While we’d hate to spoil the surprise, here’s a list of some of the insane details to expect from this newest project: 

- Floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with vintage perfume bottles brimming with flowers

- Hanging bouquets and garlands that sway from the ceiling thanks to kinetic fixtures

- Marble inlays engraved with extracts from love letters written by World War I and II soldiers

- Intimate booths hewn from steel that has been treated to look like tarnished sterling silver. The look and feel of these are inspired by vintage jewellery boxes (the term ‘gothic fairground’ comes to mind when we saw some exclusive images)

- Staff will be decked out in dapper, embroidered threads and Victorian-inspired garments; waitresses will wear flower crowns fashioned from fresh and dried blossoms

News of the food and drink offerings are yet to be revealed, but we’ll be updating this story as more information comes in.

Rather aptly, Dear Lilly is targeted to open just before Valentine’s Day. 

Dear Lilly, Shop 4010, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong


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