Five Fast Ways to Serve Fish, According to James Cornwall


June 3, 2016 | BY Wilson Fok

The seafood mecca’s executive chef demonstrates how to maximize a fish with a diverse range of preparations

Videography by Tyrone Wu (Hong Kong Tatler) 

Having opened for over a month, Seafood Room has been garnering acclaim with its creative takes on fresh seafood. The 8,000 square foot dining area, complete with 2,000 sq foot rooftop bar, is one of the most popular dining establishments this season. 

Taking the helm of the kitchen team is chef James Cornwall, formerly of London’s legendary J. Sheekey. As seafood preparation goes, the restaurant aims to deliver honest preparations of sustainable catches from around the world. In the above video, chef Cornwall demonstrates five different ways to prepare a whole 1.4kg John Dory. The fish will be filleted and individually-portioned into smaller pieces ready for preparation.

The five ways chef Cornwall demonstrates with the John Dory includes:

- John Dory carpaccio with orange and fennel
- John Dory ceviche with green mangoes, celery, and plantain chips
- Deep fried John Dory with chips and homemade tartar sauce
- Pan-fried John Dory with spinach and lemon butter sauce
- Braised John Dory with mussels and tomato sauce

Behold, as chef Cornwall quickly prepares five separate dishes in precision, showing off not only the versatility of seafood, but also that simplicity, in cooking and beyond, can really be the best.

Seafood Room, 26/F 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay; +8542 3708 9668


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