people in this story

May Chow

Founder of Little Bao, Second Draft and Happy Paradise

Vicky Cheng

Founder and chef, VEA

Nana Chan

Founder of Plantation and Teakha

Janice Leung-Hayes

Founder, Island East Markets and Tong Chong Street Market

Lindsay Jang

Co-founder of Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery

Kevin Poon

Founder of Clot, Juice, District, Social Capital, WOAW, Elephant Grounds

Peggy Chan

Founder, Grassroots Pantry

Nicole Fung

Co-founder, That Food Cray

Norma Chu

Founder, DayDayCook

Christopher Wong

Co-founder, HK Brewcraft

Elliot Faber

Beverage director for Yardbird, Ronin and Sunday’s Grocery