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Digest Gourmet Journey To Kumamoto At Gonpachi

Gourmet Journey To Kumamoto At Gonpachi

Gourmet Journey To Kumamoto At Gonpachi
By Hong Kong Tatler
January 29, 2020
Gonpachi Focus

Promotion: January 10 - March 15, 2020 (Expired)

Renowned izakaya Gonpachi is always looking for the best ingredients from different regions in Japan

This winter, Gonpachi is showcasing the vast abundance of fresh seasonal produce from Kumamoto prefecture, best known for its iconic bear mascot Kumamon. From now until March 15, guests can indulge in a rich selection of ingredients such as Amakusa Daio chicken, A5 Waoh wagyu, and freshest seafood from Amakusa. The best Kumamoto produce is paired with three varieties of sake from Zuiyo, one of the region's oldest breweries. Founded in 1857, the brand sells the regional specialty akazake and refined sake. Guests can sample the best from Zuiyo this season, notably including Zuiyo Junmai Daiginjo Kin, Zuiyo Junmaii Daiginjo Gin, and Zuiyo Ginjo Kissho Zuiyo.


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