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DigestWhat You Missed At #DIMSUMDUETS Week One

What You Missed At #DIMSUMDUETS Week One

What You Missed At #DIMSUMDUETS Week One
By Charmaine Mok
May 11, 2018
This May, T.Dining by Hong Kong Tatler and V-ZUG are bringing together 6 chefs for 4 nights of inventive dim sum. #DIMSUMDUETS is a series of culinary experiences bringing together two Chinese masters with four innovative chefs that work outside of the classic Cantonese tradition of dim sum. Together, they collaborate on menus of never-before-seen dim sum and small bites that speak of their individual points of view. On May 9, chef Agustin Balbi of Haku (Top 20 Best Restaurant 2018) worked with chef Mango Tsang of Dynasty Garden; on May 10, chef Mango worked with chef Hidemichi Seki of Tenku Ryugin. Don't miss our upcoming events on May 16 with chef Vicky Cheng of VEA (Top 20 Best Restaurant 2018) and chef Jack Chan of Celestial Court, and on May 17 with chef Nicholas Chew of Bibo and chef Jack Chan. Photos by Moses Ng for Hong Kong Tatler


The array of dim sum creations by chef Agustin Balbi of Haku and chef Mango Tsang of Dynasty Garden. Each night of #DIMSUMDUETS sees two chefs work together to create a menu of unique bites inspired by the art of yum cha. Each guest receives a classic dim sum order sheet (pictured in the background), which is stamped each time they receive a course. 


On May 9, Agustin Balbi, the executive chef of modern Japanese restaurant Haku, collaborated with legendary Chinese master Mango Tsang of Dynasty Garden to create a menu of Japanese-Chinese bites inspired by the art of dim sum. 

Balbi was the recipient of T.Dining's Best New Chef Award 2016 and his restaurant was also named one of the Top 20 Best Restaurants of 2018. Tsang, previously of award-winning Ming Court, has been cooking for more than 40 years and his a recognised master of his craft. 


One of the collaborative items on the menu was Dynasty Garden's marinated abalone with Haku's Chinese chimichurri sauce. 


Chef Tsang wowed guests with a play on flavour and texture with his creation of sauteed cod fish cubes with caramelised black vinegar and lotus root chips. 


Chef Balbi presented his take on a spring roll, which is filled with sea urchin and topped with his homemade Argentinian-style XO sauce and shiso. 


With its light and crispy coating, chef Tsang's deep-fried taro pastry with foie gras paste and black truffle was best eaten fresh out of the fryer. 


Served on dainty bamboo trays, chef Balbi's morcilla (blood sausage) cubes with black breadcrumbs, caviar, lemon skin and menegi was a riot of flavours. 


Chef Tsang offered a dainty spring roll filled with crabmeat, shrimp and garlic—simple but beguiling. 


To finish, chef Balbi presented king crab congee spiked with paprika—a warming end to the meal before V-ZUG's special dessert of baked ice cream with walnut cookies. 


The team from Dynasty Garden and Haku. 


On May 10, chef Mango Tsang embarked on his second collaboration, this time with chef Hidemichi Seki of Tenku Ryugin. Chef Seki was born into a family who runs a Chinese restaurant in Japan, and his love for Cantonese food and dim sum was sparked from an early age. In fact, he grew up aspiring to become a dim sum chef. At #DIMSUMDUETS, chef Seki was able to fulfill, in a small way, that childhood dream. 


Chef Tsang prepared a delicate dumpling of steamed spinach with scallop and gold leaf, a fresh and sweet start to the meal. 


One of the most popular items of the night was chef Seki's monaka of foie gras and fig with sesame sauce and shiso flowers. 


For their collaboration dim sum, chef Seki aged river eel for a number of days before grilling it over charcoal. The eel was then cooked into a perfectly golden puff pastry by chef Tsang for this elegant combination of Japanese produce and Cantonese technique. 


Inspired by the thin translucent wrappers of shrimp dumplings, chef Seki created his take—this is a crab dumpling with tapioca starch wrappers, in a shaoxing wine-infused white miso sauce. 


For a dramatic finish, chef Seki presented a dessert of peony tea mousse and bamboo ice with fresh and crispy yuba. The inspiration came from his love for teas, the quintessential pairing for dim sum. 


The complete array of dim sum items from Tenku Ryugin and Dynasty Garden. 


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