How to Eat Right: Week Three


June 3, 2013 | BY Jessica Cheng

In the third segment of our Eat Right series, the food is flavourful and the results speak for themselves

My meal plan with Eat Right has slowly but surely become a routine I enjoy. I pick up my food every morning from the reception at the office and walk through my front door at night with food awaiting my arrival. The need to plan ahead, rush to the supermarket and cook, which results in late night eating, has completely vanished. With no worry in the world about my meals, the program is absolutely effortless. With two weeks behind me and in my third week of healthy eating, I don’t feel deprived of the food I love and I decide it’s time to hit the gym to further my results.

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On Tuesday of my third week, I arrive at Eat Right for my weekly weigh in. I confidently step on the scale, knowing I’ve stuck to my meal program this week, and stare at the little black boxes that scroll across the digital screen. As the scale finishes calculating and reveals my numbers for the week, I gleefully step off the scale waiting to hear the read off of numbers. I have lost another kilogram and almost half a percent of body fat. My body age has been again reduced by one year and I am genuinely feeling younger and more energetic.

Again, I receive a follow up phone call from Lorentsson to discuss my progress and then he asks me the dreaded question, “Should we try to get more results? Should we cut more calories?” After some thought, I decide that this is all or nothing and I respond with a resounding, “Let’s do it!” The meals that follow that week feel no different from the last. Have the calories really been cut? It certainly doesn’t feel like it.

The food that makes its way to my office and home are not unlike what I’ve been given in past weeks, but I’m amazed at the fact that my lunch is consistently different every day. I obviously don’t have an extensive imagination when it comes to creating food or when it comes to thinking up recipes for healthy food. Or perhaps it’s because I never really knew what healthy food was and thought it was merely reduced to leaves and protein.

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During my third week, I notice that my breakfasts have become standard with oatmeal and yogurt, but a few surprises kick in that I don’t expect: an omelet speckled with brightly coloured bell peppers, and poached eggs with smoked salmon and spinach. My lunches in my third week consist of a good balance between protein, vegetables and carbohydrates and include lasagna with carrots and asparagus, as well as white fish with baby bok choy, green beans and a small handful of brown rice. Dinner is always my smallest meal of the day, with protein packed salads making their way to my front door each evening. The salad leaves are always brightened up with punchy balsamic vinaigrette, sliced marinated beef, deliciously cooked yams or spice-rubbed chicken.

The food may not be gourmet, but it never lacks in flavour or seasoning and never ceases to impress with variety. I actually find myself waiting in excited anticipation for my food to arrive each morning and evening.

Lorentsson always manages to surprise me with food choices. Food that I would normally dismiss as unhealthy or having ‘too much sauce’, such as lasagna, Thai fish curry and beef stew, happen to be a part of my balanced meal program. The meal plan has slowly proved to me that I don’t need to dismiss food that I love in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Food and diets are all about balance; they are about allowing yourself to eat the foods that you regularly like to eat, but portioning them out to suitable amounts. Between not minding the food that is delivered to me and having the chance to indulge during the weekends, I feel as though I’ve finally found a way to balance my nutritional ways.

As we continue into our final week with Eat Right, we will be giving you the last progress report here on, so make sure you keep an eye out and ear open to see what we think about this movement towards a healthier life.

For those interested in enrolling themselves in the four week meal programme, please contact Martin Lorentsson, founder and creator of Eat Right by calling +852 6197 5820 or e-mailing

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