Celebrating Sustainable Caviar


December 1, 2015 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

Prized sturgeon caviar is the ultimate detail for any celebration, and premium label Azovka brings a gold standard to this premium party staple

For decades, caviar has been exclusively enjoyed by the royal families. It is a revered delicacy with its fine reputation preceding over those who have the privileged to enjoy them. However, times have changed, and thanks to brands such as Azovka Caviar, the celebrated eggs of sturgeon fish are now more commonly available, as Azovka helps revealing the true potential of caviar and its beneficial properties most have yet to find out.

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At Hong Kong Tatler Dining, we strongly believe in the power of making informed decisions over what we eat, and think about the long-term environmental impact of the food we consume. With this in mind, the eco-conscious approach of Azovka in the production of their sturgeon caviar is in good taste. The farm prides itself on combining environmental and scientific approaches with traditional methods to encourage quality caviar production that is not at the expense of sturgeon welfare. The sturgeon are raised as naturally as possible in pure freshwater conditions and fed properly. The eggs are ‘milked’ rather than being culled, and the fish are able to continue to breed in the future.

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Which is fortunate, as the appetite for caviar is only growing. The salt-cured sturgeon fish eggs are long celebrated for its taste, with a great deal of beneficial properties unknown to many, including positive effects to the skin. Caviar is rich in amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A, E, B6, and B12, as well as packed with minerals such as iron, magnesium, iron, and selenium. It is believed that the cured eggs can slow the human ageing process as well as enriching the skin to a more refined, polished complexion.

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With great passion in caviar himself, Olivier Besson, the French founder of Azovka Caviar, started the company with the mission to make popular the prized product. The selection process was not easy, with great research and experimentation he selected the best-quality farmed sturgeon eggs from Europe, Russia and Asia, based on the high standards on aroma, taste, and texture. The caviar is a fragile product, which is why the brand only package the cured eggs in 30g and 100g packages made of protective metal boxes, with an option to customize by size for special events and large-scale consumption. The three varieties of Azovka caviar include Beluga, Ossetra royal, and Kaluga:

- The exclusive Beluga is made from large, delicate dark grey eggs, whose lingering flavor is intense and complex.

- The Ossetra royal ranges from light to dark grey, and sometimes taking a dark golden hue with a thin shell. It is also called Imperial or Royal Gold Caviar. 
- Kaluga is made with the roe of Siberia and Mongolian sturgeon and are usually black or grey in colour, and bear a taste with mild fruitiness.

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Since its launch in Hong Kong, the brand’s caviar has been widely celebrated and well received by top chefs and served through dishes at fine dining establishments across the city. We featured an exclusive showcase with delicate canapés at the Hong Kong Tatler Ball 2015, which went down well with our VIP guests, and the brand can be seen at gourmet establishments such as the Four Seasons Hong Kong, Island Shangri-La, Kowloon Shangri-La, and InterContinental Hong Kong.

Caviar Azovka continues to strive for greatness in polishing the art of caviar in offering the best flavour and quality for the prized product. As the holiday season proceeds, Caviar Azovka will also be offering gift packs and special promotions for festive season ahead.

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