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Digest Le Fromage, Hong Kong's First Vegan Cheese Shop Opens At K11 Musea

Le Fromage, Hong Kong's First Vegan Cheese Shop Opens At K11 Musea

Le Fromage, Hong Kong's First Vegan Cheese Shop Opens At K11 Musea
Le FroMAge offers healthy, cruelty-free indulgence as the first and only vegan cheese shop in Hong Kong (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
By Jianne Soriano
By Jianne Soriano
March 24, 2021
The vegan cheese shop in K11 Musea features handcrafted dairy-free cheese made by raw vegan chef Tina Barrat of Ma and the Seeds of Life.

Over the years, more and more plant-based and dairy-free alternatives have been popping up in the city such as vegan ice-cream shops, vegan desserts bakeries, vegan bubble tea and plant-based meat, along with the launch of OmniEat meals in 7-Eleven. The newest addition to the plant-based dining scene is Le Fromage, the city's first-ever purely plant-based cheese shop, set to open its doors at K11 Musea on March 26.

The shop will feature handcrafted dairy-free cheeses created by Hong Kong-based jewellery designer turned raw vegan chef Tina Barrat, the brains behind the vegan fine-dining concept, Ma and the Seeds of Life. This newest vegan offering in Hong Kong will finally allow those with certain dietary restrictions and those who just want to eat healthier to get their hands on dairy-free cheese.

All the cheeses on offer are made using the highest quality plant-based and nutritionally-dense ingredients such as cashews and almonds. Barrat will spoil you with her offering of over 20 vegan-friendly fermented raw cheese such as creamy truffle-flavoured Shamembert, tastebud-tantalising Moon & Earth, lusciously pink, peppercorn-studded Cheddar Smoked Brie and the Gorgonzola-inspired North Pole Star.

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Seasonal cheese and sun-dried tomato charcoal Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Cheese Shamembert and cheddar smoked (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Sans-salmon and almond ricotta herb cheese (Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Cheese sans goat log and black pepper & herbs (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Cheese Shamembert and North Pole Star (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Energy ball (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Keto bread and raw cracker (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Le FroMAge packaging (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)
Le FroMAge wine offerings (Photo: Courtesy of Le FroMAge)

Following the principles of raw veganism in order to retain the ingredients' original nutrition, the cheeses are made in small batches and are soaked, sprouted, dehydrated or gently warmed not above 40 degrees. Other than handcrafted vegan cheese, there will also be accompaniments such as keto bread, gluten-free crackers, chutneys and even some of the signature dishes at Ma and the Seeds of Life, including sans-salmon and faux-gras.

While Barrat's cheese creations take centre stage, Le Fromage will also feature plant-based products made by other Hong Kong gastronomic tastemakers, such as vegan sourdough crackers by the father-and-daughter breadmaking duo at Mayse Artisan Bakery, additive-free jams from Nicole's Kitchen, nut cheeses from raw chef Amy Elkhoury at Nuteese, and salted and unsalted vegan butter from the local plant-based dairy store, Garden Hill.

Le Fromage by Ma and the Seeds of Life, Unit 21, B201, K11 Musea, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong, open daily from 10am to 10pm;

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