Macau’s Wynn Resorts Represent The Pinnacle Of Cantonese Cuisine


October 5, 2018 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

Two esteemed Chinese restaurants at Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai harmonise culinary traditions and new ideas with perfect execution

Macau’s Wynn Resorts are home to a swath of esteemed fine dining options, from Western dining to refined Japanese cuisine. With authentic Cantonese establishments such as Wing Lei at Wynn Macau and Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace Cotai joining the fray, Chinese culinary traditions are celebrated and preserved but also reinvented perfectly using the right set of modern ideas.

Make your way to Wing Lei, Wynn Macau’s acclaimed Cantonese establishment, which has held a Five-Star rating by Forbes Travel Guide since 2014, and a Michelin star rating for nine consecutive years. Entering the restaurant’s main dining area reveals a surprising element—an iconic flying dragon sculpture composed of 90,000 Swarovski crystals on the main wall, adding a traditional symbol of happiness, luck, and energy. The establishment’s décor blends traditional Chinese design elements with contemporary ideas, such as a palette inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s renowned Sunflowers painting, adding shades of yellow and auspicious gold that weave through the dining room surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. While the restaurant seats more than 130 guests, there are rooms where diners can enjoy Wing Lei’s menu offerings with more privacy.

Wing Lei is a celebration of traditional Cantonese dining, where the rich culinary heritage meets contemporary execution and presentation. Its coveted selection of signature dim sum reveals new touches of luxury by way of premium ingredients adopted in the small bites, all executed to a high level. Some of the best examples are chef Chan Tak-Kwong’s signature morsels, such as steamed layered tofu skin with fish paste in soybean soup, as well as baked barbecued pork buns with sweetened crust.

For an ideal dining experience, diners should not miss Wing Lei’s a la carte dishes, where chef Chan’s extensive discipline in Cantonese culinary career is showcased through multiple courses presented in his signature menu. The a la carte menu covers not only a selection of dishes prepared with dried seafood such as abalone and fish maw, but also seasonal seafood, barbecued specialties and supreme casserole dishes, notably including steamed cod fish roll with preserved tree seeds, tea-smoked crispy chicken, as well as barbecued Iberico Pata Negra pork with maple syrup, a new and improved version of the Cantonese charsiu.

Meanwhile, Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace Cotai is set for much success, starting with its luxurious first impression. Guests enter the three-tiered dining room (which seats 150, and also features seven private rooms) to be greeted with stunning views of the performance lake and Cotai skyline. The establishment itself is a marvel, with an interior fusing shades of jade green and gold, with plush furnishings throughout.

Setting its sight on greater success, Wing Lei Palace has recently appointed Tam Kwok-Fung as their Chinese executive chef. Celebrated for his unparalleled expertise in Cantonese dining and meticulous preparation of his signature dishes throughout his career, chef Tam's stellar reputation is appreciated by guests local and afar. As chef Tam takes the helm of the kitchen at Wing Lei Palace, the establishment is set to bring more sophistication to its range of Cantonese flavours, paired exceptionally with a diverse range of Chinese teas prepared by the establishment’s resident master tea sommelier.

With great expertise in Cantonese cooking and flair for artistic presentations, chef Tam expresses his artistry and passion for food through his signature dishes at Wing Lei Palace, notably including braised fish broth with fish maw and vegetables, where wild-caught fish are selected, including fresh grouper for the fish broth, combining fish maw, luffa, and fungus for multiple texture, and aged mandarin peel for depth in complexity. Chef Tam's roasted goose with plum sauce takes the pristine Magang goose, roasted with lychee wood to ensure a glossy tan on the exterior, while the interior remains juicy and tender. Tam's crispy sea cucumber stuffed with minced shrimp lends layers of textures from fried Hokkaido sea cucumber stuffed with minced shrimp. Guests dining at Wing Lei Palace will experience his solid skills and wisdom via his fine Cantonese plates on offer.

Celebrating the finest of Cantonese dining, Wing Lei Palace and Wing Lei are each proof that Wynn Resorts are the ideal destinations to enjoy the best that Chinese cuisine has to offer in the region.

Wing Lei Palace, West Esplanade, G/F, Wynn Palace, Avenida da Nave Desportiva, Cotai, Macau; +853 8889 3663

Wing Lei, G/F Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Nape, Macau; +853 8986 3663

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