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Drink Aged In Space, A Bottle Of Pétrus 2000 Goes Up For Auction at Christie’s

Aged In Space, A Bottle Of Pétrus 2000 Goes Up For Auction at Christie’s

Photo: Lefteris kallergis/Unsplash
Photo: Lefteris kallergis/Unsplash
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
May 10, 2021
Only one of these 14 'space wines' that spent 14 months orbiting the earth is available for sale

Have you ever wondered how a wine aged in space would taste like? You may just have your chance to try it, as auction house Christie’s revealed that a bottle of Pétrus 2000, which spent 14 months aboard the International Space Station (ISS), is available for purchase via Christie's Private Sales. According to a Christie’s spokesperson, they are looking at an estimated sale price of about US$1m (HK$7.76m).

This is just one of the 14 bottles that was blasted to space and kept in a monitored and controlled environment. It's part of the new space start-up company Space Cargo Unlimited’s series of experiments.

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The extremely rare bottle of Pétrus 2000 ‘space wine’ is packaged in a bespoke trunk made by Parisian Maison d'Arts Les Ateliers Victor, and comes with a bottle of terrestrial Pétrus 2000, luxe decanter and wine glasses, as well as a corkscrew crafted from a meteorite.

“This bottle of Pétrus 2000 marks a momentous step in the pursuit of developing and gaining a greater understanding of the maturation of wine,” said Tim Triptree, the international director of Christie’s wine and spirits department, in a statement. Proceeds from the auction will be used to fund future space missions to “help invent the agriculture and food we need for tomorrow on Earth," explained Nicolas Gaume, the co-founder and chief executive of Space Cargo Unlimited.


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