Readers’ Choice: Top 20 Answers from the Best New Restaurants Vote


November 25, 2015 | BY Charmaine Mok

This year, we handed our readers the power to vote for their favourite new restaurant out of a shortlist of six brilliant venues

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Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Fox, who came away with 59 per cent of the votes – out of an eligible 568 – to be crowned recipient of this year’s Best New Restaurant (Readers’ Choice) award. We were impressed by the passionate and opinionated responses submitted to our poll, and we had a difficult time selecting 20 of our favourite answers.

But we have, and compiled them below. Each person whose answer has been featured will be contacted via the email address they used to vote, and will be gifted a copy of the newly published 2016 Hong Kong Tatler Best Restaurants guide. 

* Some answers have been edited slightly for clarity and brevity


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Hong Kong dining was sorely missing something like Mr & Mrs Fox. Unlike other places, this isn't simply copied from a different city and imported to Hong Kong, but is organically built here. Honest, original and friendly dining, thoughtful drinks list and overall consistent execution.” – Rohit

“Mr & Mrs. Fox is innovative, fresh, and funky. It takes your curiosity and winds you into scenery straight out of a book. This place is new-age, the millennial’s style of class with the right edge of cool. The food is amazing and it’s just the place you want to be.” – Ariana

It has brought a life force to the neighborhood that never existed before. Incredible food combinations that make me feel like I could be a million miles away. There's nothing else like it in Hong Kong at the moment.” – Francesca

“The food is outstanding, the decor is fabulous, the staff are always on point and the relaxed neighbourhood make it ideal for a date or relaxed dinner with friends. Here, I can forget about the hustle and bustle waiting for me in Central.” – Adriana

“Never had a better Tomahawk. In combination of the super cool environment, it’s a must win. And which other restaurant in Hong Kong has a 'secret' private dining room which is so cool that it has its own beer tap?” – Pieter

“The restaurant impresses me the most in terms of the high quality food, especially the innovative and unique desserts that can hardly be found in other restaurants. I can tell the pastry chef has put a lot of effort in bringing the dessert to another level by fusing Asian and Western elements together.” – Yan


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“In a city saturated with French restaurants, it was a breath of fresh air to find an Indonesian restaurant at this level. I am talking about the location (finally), the décor, the atmosphere and of course the food. Tri is part of this new generation of restaurants that keeps Hong Kong as one of the best dining scenes in the world and is always evolving.” – Joel

“Balinese cuisine is known for their rich, lingering flavours, which Tri highlights through the use of spices, aromatics, coconut, shrimp paste, palm sugar, tamarind, lemon basil and chili, forming a memorable array of flavours with every bite.” – Maggie

“There is really nothing quite like this in Hong Kong. It's a beautifully designed restaurant, with stunning views, a well trained and attentive team, and incredible food. I've eaten there a few times and taken guests, which is always delightful. My mouth is watering as I type this and that's the sure sign of a memorable restaurant.” – Peter

“Amazing atmosphere for an intimate exquisite experience with food that entices your palate and seduces your eyes. The staff make you feel like you’ve escaped from intense Hong Kong for a few hours of pure Balinese bliss.” Nguyen Thao 


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“Shane's persistence in using the best ingredients from Japan, France and Australia shine through in all his dishes. Sitting at the counter feels like you are at the chef's table and you can watch him and his staff perform their magic. I always feel like part of the family when I dine there!” – Donna

Great ingredients, treated with respect; flavour pairings that work; immaculately-executed no-nonsense cooking. Sometimes it really is that simple.” – Rachel

“Gorgeous, elegant, innovative dishes, paired with superb wines in a relaxed, unassuming atmosphere…in Hong Kong! The gnocchi is love at first bite. the garden an oasis of calm.” – Haewon

Shane is a true foodie. He sets a stage for his innovative, fresh, inspired dishes with the amazing ambience. The open kitchen allows you to see his team work. The passion explodes from each plate. My favourite place to be, whether it is for dinner, drinks, or just to sit at the kitchen to chat to the staff!” – Sharon

Ta Vie

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Unique and perfect combination of flavours. Sophisticated but not overly done. More exotic than "The Starry Night" by Van Gogh.” – Andy

Hideaki Sato’s deft skills and innovative approach to cooking is just one of the many reasons why Ta Vie is so appealing. His ability to blend the finest techniques and the vision of Japanese food to bring the best out of ingredients is a recipe for the best new restaurant.” – George

Amazing food using the freshest ingredients, both imported and local produce. Chef would even note the wine guests have chosen and will adjust the taste of each dishes accordingly.” – Judy

 “Chef Sato has the most creative cuisine of his own among all. He incorporates his understanding of local culture into his dishes whereas most other high-end restaurants only focus on bringing outside ingredients and methods.” – Yuka 

Otto e Mezzo

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“Attentive service from the moment you step into the restaurant. The meal was well paced and the food was on par to the restaurant in Hong Kong. Everything was well executed and seasoned and every time the food has just got better. Lovely interior with the Murano glasses, classy yet modern.” – Fiona

This restaurant is the total package: food, environment and people. Visiting Macau is not complete without dining in this place.” – Chay


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