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Digest Review: Sushi Taki

Review: Sushi Taki

Review: Sushi Taki
By Wilson Fok
November 10, 2017
This new sushi restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui delivers quality sushi and modest a la carte options

Tsim Sha Tsui’s Ashley Street may be a hotspot for bars, but the real dining options lie within the buildings, and one of these is where Sushi Taki resides. Recently opened a little over a month ago, the petite sushi restaurant welcomes guests with a brightly lit room, slightly irregularly shaped with tables neatly set within the space. The sushi bar was small, seating five on the main bar and two on the side. The abundance of wood and light earth tones welcomes comfort to guests with the help of warm, mild lighting.

Sushi Taki offers three main omakase set dinners, ranging from sushi-only to two larger sets including sashimi, stews, and other items. Guests are also welcomed to go carte blanche and let the chefs decide on the season’s best harvest of fresh seafood. A la carte options are modest but adequately satisfying every palate out there. We passed on the omakase set and went a la carte. The sushi platter, at HK$520 per order, offers a good sample of seasonal seafood and a test of the sushi chefs’ skills, from slicing fish to shaping the rice. Eight pieces of sushi included notable standouts such as seasonal white shrimps, a cluster of tiny curls of umami clinging atop a thumb-sized lump of vinegared rice. The horse mackerel is cool and rich served with a sharp zesty dab of ginger and scallions, while alfonsino was lightly torched until its rich fat melted and surfaced. The bafun sea urchin from Hokkaido was soft and creamy, an obvious highlight of the sushi selection.



A generous portion of Hokkaido Bafun sea urchin (uni) on offer at Sushi Taki.
A generous portion of Hokkaido Bafun sea urchin (uni) on offer at Sushi Taki.

A la carte options beyond sashimi and sushi are modest, with something for everyone. The assorted tempura platter featured three meaty prawns, thinly coated and deep fried but it was on the bland side. The shiitake mushrooms, shishito peppers, and kabocha squash tempuras were sweet and crunchy though. White-grilled eel, served without the ordinary sweet glaze, was crispy on the outside and tender within. Seasoned lightly with salt, the rich eel was best enjoyed hot complemented with marinated ume plum paste, bearing tartness to cut through the richness of the fish. The grilled mentaiko rice ball took a bit of time to prepare, it lacked a uniform crust and the inside, despite with mentaiko lacing through the rice, was under seasoned and could take a little more browning on the outside.

At the time of our visit Sushi Taki has yet to confirm a valid alcohol licence, and the selections of wines are being finalised. Service at Sushi Taki is friendly and on point, although a little more description on seasonal availability of seafood for sushi will be useful when ordering sushi.

Sushi Taki, 17/F, 17-19 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon; +852  2706 2028;

Rating: 3.5/5

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