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Drink Still Trending: The Best Versions of Dalgona Coffee on Social Media

Still Trending: The Best Versions of Dalgona Coffee on Social Media

Still Trending: The Best Versions of Dalgona Coffee on Social Media
Image: @shivesh17/Instagram
By Dudi Aureus
By Dudi Aureus
April 28, 2020
The viral frothy drink that has been trending on platforms like TikTok and Instagram for more than a month now comes in different renditions

With many people hunkering down at home to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, they look to social media to entertain themselves. But nothing has captured their attention more than the Dalgona coffee, the easy-to-prepare iced beverage that was popularised by South Korea. What started as a simple recipe of instant coffee, sugar and milk you can easily find at home has evolved to include many delicious versions. Here are the most popular ones.

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1/6 Original Dalgona Coffee

The South Korean original is not the soft and fluffy version that has found internet fame—"dalgona" refers to the crunchy, honeycomb-like toffee that is made by mixing baking soda into warm caramel so that it puffs up and then hardens. The treat was popularised in the 50s after the Korean War and has a place in many childhood memories. 

2/6 "400 Times Coffee" or "Chow Yun-Fat Coffee"

The humble Hon Kee Cafe, located off a Macau shipyard, is widely credited as the originator of the Dalgona coffee that many know today—sugar, instant coffee and water whisked vigorously until light and fluffy. Owner and kung fu master Leung Kam Hon opened the cafe in the 90s and created the coffee after learning about the technique from two foreign customers. The name '400 times coffee' refers to the amount of times the coffee is whisked, supposedly; the result was so well received, the coffee briefly became known as Chow Yun-Fat coffee, after the famed actor who visited Hon Kee and was besotted by the creation.

3/6 Keto Dalgona Coffee

Even those on keto diet have joined the bandwagon by updating this whipped beverage to suit their preferences. Instead of sugar, they’ve replaced it with Swerve to give you the same sweetness minus the calories when combined with instant coffee and hot water. The frothy coffee is then spooned over unsweetened almond milk.

4/6 Keto Dalgona Matcha

Non-coffee drinkers can opt for this version that’s equally delicious, but with less caffeine. The topping is made with sugar and water (reduced to syrup), egg white and matcha powder that’s whipped until it’s fluffy. Topped over iced milk.

5/6 Milo Dalgona

Perfect for the kids is this variety, created with a combination of Milo powder, white sugar and hot water. This is beaten until it reaches that thick and creamy consistency, so you can top it over your iced milk.

6/6 Thai Tea Dalgona

This has the same ingredients as your regular Dalgona coffee, but the brewed Thai tea replaces the hot water in your coffee powder and sugar mix. This forms your whipped topping that’s topped over iced milk.

This story was originally published in Tatler Dining Singapore on April 15. It was updated by Tatler Dining Hong Kong on April 28 to clarify the origins of Dalgona coffee. 


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