The Epicurean Express: Sarza de Patitas with Diego Muñoz


March 2, 2015 | BY Esther Wong & Tyrone Wu

Head chef of Peru’s Astrid y Gastón demonstrates a signature dish that is a popular snack, inspired by a classic recipe

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Earlier this year, Peruvian chef Diego Muñoz of the celebrated Astrid y Gastón restaurant at Casa Moreyra in Peru held a three-day pop-up at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, presenting an eight-course menu that took guests on a culinary journey through the chef’s home country.

Muñoz, who refined his craft with apprenticeships under the likes of Andoni Aduriz and Ferran Adria, is a visionary who uses his skills in the kitchen to educate discerning diners on Peruvian culture. In the video below, Muñoz demonstrates sarza de patitas, which is a popular snack inspired by a classic recipe of pig trotters served with onion, lime and mustard.


Videography by Tyrone Wu



Serves 4


For the pig trotters

620g pig trotters

155ml white wine

20g shallots

3g thyme

1/8 laurel leaf

8g garlic


For the Creole water

80g red onion

3g garlic

1 laurel leaf

1g chapa pepper

1g fresh oregano

1g mint

1g parsley

45g tomato

10g rocoto

15g olive oil

1.5g salt

30g lemon juice


For the juice

1kg pig rib bones

300g red onions

150g carrots

150g celery

20g peeled garlic

3L water

20g Ultra-Sperse


For the garnish

Mastuerzo flowers and leaves

Dijon mustard

Mustard powder



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