The Epicurean Express: Hairy Crab


September 28, 2012 | BY Hong Kong Tatler

Get ready for the hairy crab season by learning how to pick, clean and cook hairy crab

The warmth of the sun contrasting with the cool breeze tells us that autumn is in full swing, and with the season comes the arrival of hairy crabs. Although we enjoy the crustacean in a myriad of creative preparations and presentations, readily to be found in so many modern Chinese restaurants, in the end we still prefer crab prepared in the traditional manner: steamed. We believe that this is the best way to bring out the natural sweetness and rich, creamy flavour of the roe

Another thing we are certain of is that cooking hairy crab at home is definitely cheaper than eating out. Crab connoisseurs can handpick the freshest crab by looking out for a few distinctive characteristics, and so in the video above, we ask the executive chef of Tsui Hang Village in Central to demonstrate how to prepare hairy crab, from how to choose the freshest crab to the best steaming times for the different sizes of crab. 



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