The Epicurean Express: Black and White Sesame Roll


June 18, 2014 | BY Esther Wong & Tyrone Wu

Take a trip down memory lane as Yee Tung Heen’s chef Wong Wing Keung demonstrates how to create this classic Cantonese dessert

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There’s nothing more fulfilling than ending a meal with a sweet bite. For those who grew up in Hong Kong, you may be familiar with the sesame roll, also known as the ‘film’ roll for its appearance. We visit Yee Tung Heen in The Excelsior to learn how to create this classic dessert from executive Chinese chef Wong Wing Keung.

Where other restaurants may use a thin layer of coconut milk to get contrasting black and white layers, chef Wong uses a white sesame paste, which helps to enhance the overall fragrance of the dessert. Watch the video below to learn how to re-create this classic Cantonese dish.

Read more about Hong Kong’s disappearing dim sum dishes here.



80g black sesame

80g white sesame

80g cream

120g sugar

80g water chestnut flour

200g corn starch

640g water



Videography by Tyrone Wu

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