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Digest The Best Food Stories We Devoured This February 2020

The Best Food Stories We Devoured This February 2020

The Best Food Stories We Devoured This February 2020
The Asian fruit cream cake gets some love in an Eater editorial (Photo: City Foodsters/Flickr)
By Tatler Dining
February 14, 2020
Our editors round up the best of the best in food media this month—check back weekly for new additions to savour

February 17-23, 2020

In Food & Wine, Margaret Eby waxes lyrical about the virtues of 'mushy' food like hummus, congee and grits (Photo: Francis)
In Food & Wine, Margaret Eby waxes lyrical about the virtues of 'mushy' food like hummus, congee and grits (Photo: Francis)

The Best Things In Life Are Mush

We often find solace in food groups that comfort us—dishes that go beyond just 'looking good' and 'healthy'. Food & Wine's Margaret Eby suggests falling back in love with 'mush' as the anti-climax to our obsession with textures and the Instagram-ability of good food.

This Is The Food Trend You Need To Know About In 2020

Could the new food trend be multi-sensory experimental dining? Anna Prendergast from Conde Nast Traveller explores a new way of dining out that uses augmented reality and digital projection to stimulate diners’ five senses.

Empire Of Seeds

In this extraordinary long read, Ruby Tandoh paints a beautiful picture of the Esiah Levy—an eccentric seed enthusiast and someone virtually unknown beyond a passionate community of gardeners and horticulturalists, but whose story is no less inspirational and impactful. If anything, Levy's legacy is one that will convince you of how powerful the connection is between people and food.

How To Make Cooking For One Fun

Solo cooking, like dining for one, can help us grow an appreciation of solitude—such is particularly true these days thanks to social distancing. So, how to keep ourselves satisfied with food in place of interactions? The Guardian's Bob Granleese calls on celebrated food figures from the UK food scene on how to make this fun.

Why Food Is On The Menu For New Office Design

Financial Times' Emma Jacobs notices that companies are doing everything they can to facilitate a healthy office culture to retain talent—thus the new trend of food-forward and amenity-rich office designs that motivate communication and interaction. 

The Culinary Couple Who Built A British Empire

Julia Moskin pens an intriguing, in-depth story tracing the influence of chefs Fergus and Margot Henderson in the UK, going beyond the myth and legend. 

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February 10-16, 2020

How Protests and Coronavirus Are Impacting Hong Kong’s Vibrant Food Scene

Hong Kong-based food writer Andrew Genung (behind the highly recommended Family Meal newsletter) speaks to Eater’s Amanda Kludt and Daniel Geneen about the double whammy that has hit Hong Kong restaurateurs hard. On Tatler Dining, find out how restaurants are changing their operations in light of the virus.

Pinning Coronavirus on How Chinese People Eat Plays Into Racist Assumptions

Eater’s Jenny G. Zhang calls out the dehumanising narrative that has cloaked Chinese communities in the wake of coronavirus, pointing out the double standards that exist when media talk about food culture. 

Don’t Blame Wet Markets For The Coronavirus Outbreak

Similarly, Clarissa Wei of Goldthread calls out the inherent xenophobia and demonisation of wet markets that has reared its head during the coronavirus outbreak. 

You Should Be Eating More Canned Fish 

“Think of it as oceanic charcuterie,” says David Neimanis. And Tatler Dining's Charmaine Mok fully agrees—"On recent trips to Portugual and Spain, a sizeable portion of my suitcase was filled with colourful tins of sardines, anchovies and other delicious seafood treats in brine, olive oil, escabeche and spicy tomato sauce." 

Rustic homemade dark chocolate
Rustic homemade dark chocolate (Photo: Getty)

Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate

Ostensibly published ahead of Valentine’s Day, NYT’s Melissa Clark gets nerdy with all things chocolate—including the craze for bean-to-bar and ethically made chocolate. Love the stuff? Don’t forget to check out Tatler Dining’s round-up of Hong Kong’s best bean-to-bar chocolate makers by Natasha Tang. 

The Asian Fruit Cream Cake Is Pure Nostalgia

Is there an Asian kid out there who hasn’t had one of these for their birthday? A true icon of food culture of the East, the Asian fruit cream cake is making a return, and Patricia Kelly Yeo's story on Eater reflects on how this ubiquitous (and not-too-sweet) treat can mean so much more—a nostalgic representation of who we are.

Salep Staves Off Cold And Prepares To Go Global

Because a warm beverage is always on our mind during these cold winter days, Michael Butterworth of Life and Thyme introduces us to salep—a creamy and cinnamony Turkish wintertime drink containing a contraband ingredient—that is quickly gaining traction abroad.

The Rise Of Palestinian Food

Ligaya Mishan is one of our favourite food writers, and her eloquent and considered exploration of a sensitive culinary topic for The New York Times is rich with important questions and evocative descriptions of dishes such as dagga ("a hot, bright salad" where "chiles come pounded raw with tomatoes and dill") and mussakhan ("chicken rubbed with sumac, roasted among gilded onions and served, in a spill of spice and juices, over flatbread from the taboon").

A Wine Critic And A Somm Discuss The Art Of Exceptional Wine Service

Decoding the wine list at a restaurant can sometimes feel lost without an aficionado's passion and knowledge. The LA Times' restaurant critic Bill Addison and sommelier Kae Whelan look into breaking the code and helping diners choose what they like. A good read before your next dining adventure.

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