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Drink The Macallan And Bentley Motors Collaborate For A Sustainable Tomorrow

The Macallan And Bentley Motors Collaborate For A Sustainable Tomorrow

The Macallan is renowned for their single malt Scotch whisky
By Lauren Golangco
By Lauren Golangco
July 22, 2021
The top-shelf whisky stalwart and celebrated luxury car label unveil their historical collaboration for a sustainable future.

The Macallan, a revered whisky label synonymous with craftsmanship and expertise, has formed a meaningful partnership with luxury car brand Bentley Motors–one that is set to introduce innovative, impactful solutions into our lives.

As Bentley launched their newest hybrid model, the renowned car marque progressed ever closer to their goal of becoming the world’s leading sustainable luxury mobility company. This milestone was commemorated at The Macallan Estate’s awe-inspiring countryside in Speyside, Scotland - the perfect setting for Bentley and The Macallan to divulge their latest endeavour: an extended collaboration in the name of a more sustainable tomorrow.

This unique collaboration allows The Macallan and Bentley Motors to draw from their invaluable “time-earned knowledge” and engage in hard-hitting, forward-thinking discussions about sustainable solutions. Thrilled about the partnership, The Macallan’s managing director Igor Boyadijan says the brands “will generate fresh and contemporary thinking around our consumer engagement, our exceptional experiences, and ultimately our products.” 

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The Macallan Estate aims to have a fully electric passenger fleet by 2025, including two models from Bentley Motors
The Macallan Estate aims to have a fully electric passenger fleet by 2025, including two models from Bentley Motors

Apart from global recognition as top luxury brands and a passion for preserving nature’s beauty, Boyadijan says “The Macallan and Bentley Motors each have a rich heritage, and shared values of mastery, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation”. These principles fuel their prosperous pursuits in the realms of single malt Scotch whisky and luxury automobiles, driving their triumphant journeys to the top of their industries.


The Macallan Estate works to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Since the brand was founded by Alexander Reid in 1824, sustainability has been a guiding ethic for The Macallan.  From the day the empire was established atop the River Spey, the whisky-craftsmen and its bountiful estate were nurtured by nature. Today, nearly 200 years later, they continue to celebrate the world’s natural beauty by implementing countless projects such as turning The Macallan Estate carbon neutral by 2030, ongoing community programs, integration of progressive packaging, and much more.

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The lush, bountiful Macallan Estate
The Macallan x Bentley Motors: a pivotal sustainability-focused collaboration

With over a century’s experience in automotive, Bentley Motors faces one of its biggest and most significant challenges yet—undertaking its ambitious Beyond100 sustainability strategy. Their recently-released hybrid model is one of the many measures in their extensive environmental campaign.

To assist The Macallan’s goals of having a fully electric passenger vehicle fleet on its estate by 2025, the London-born luxury car brand will make a delivery of two hybrid Bentleys this year. Whether it be in the domain of motorsports, high-performing luxury vehicles, or sustainable practices, Bentley Motors has proven itself as an unmatched force.

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Bentley Motors undertakes their Beyond100 sustainability campaign
Bentley Motors rolls out.a new hybrid model at The Macallan Estate

Melding their expertise, the partnership is an unflinching commitment to sustainable practices, chiefly: carbon neutrality; innovative research to source sustainable materials; and connecting with sustainable and local suppliers. Beyond these core areas, The Macallan and Bentley have lined up a range of campaigns including products collaboratively developed by both brands, curated customer experiences, and joint events.

Ultimately, as Bentley’s chairman and chief executive Adrian Hallmark shares, The Macallan and Bentley Motors unite “with one common goal—to both lead our fields as we work towards a more sustainable future”. As decorated front-runners in each of their industries, there may be no better duo to fulfil such an admirable aspiration. 

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