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Digest 20 Hong Kong Foodies To Follow On Instagram

20 Hong Kong Foodies To Follow On Instagram

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images
By Natasha Tang
March 02, 2020
Looking for new eats around the city? These Hong Kong foodies have tried it all—and they're willing to share

The one thing that is always on a foodie's mind is: "Where should I eat next?"
With Hong Kong's ever-evolving dining scene, there is always something new to explore. But foodies don't simply eat to live, they live to eat—and what they want to eat is the best of the best.

Thankfully, we have a number of Hong Kong foodies that love exploring the city, trying everything from high-end restaurants to hidden local gems and sharing their experience on social media. We asked you which Hong Kong foodies you follow, here is what you answered:

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1/20 @hk_datfoodlife (Joyce To)

2/20 @misscloud852 (Miss Cloud)

3/20 @phoenix_k (Phoenix Kwok)

4/20 @thatfoodcray (Nicole Fung)

5/20 @f.o.v_ (Helen Kwok)

6/20 @hkgoodeats (Natalie Lo)

7/20 @foodictionaryhk (Luci and Lari)

8/20 @palatism (Sander Jackson Siswojo)

9/20 @gutakesworld (Vivian Gu)

10/20 @foodandtravelhk (Gloria Chung)

11/20 @simplyb313 (Bianca Sung)

12/20 @saiileee (Saii Lee)

13/20 @indulgenteats (Jen Balisi)

14/20 @jolli316 (Jolli Lo)

15/20 @supertastermel (Melissa Tse)

16/20 @fatasslovesfood (Rose Chiu)

17/20 (@e_ting) Janice Leung Hayes

18/20 @night.cap.stories (Daniel Cheung)

19/20 @andrewthf (Andrew Tang)

20/20 @hkfoodsnob (Olivia Lai)


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