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Digest Top 5 Hangover Cures

Top 5 Hangover Cures

Top 5 Hangover Cures
By Elaine Wong
January 07, 2013
From goulash to Bloody Mary, we give you the best remedies for hangovers with tips from leading chefs  

Holiday parties, festive cocktails and champagne toasts at midnight – the holiday season may be over, but we’ve still got brunch gatherings with bubbly, after-work happy hour and weekend shenanigans, all providing occasions to produce unbearable hangovers. Don't worry, we know the feeling and are here to collect some of the best hangover remedies from world-renowned chefs to get you through any situation 2013 may bring. There is no guarantee that these foods and drinks will take your hangover away completely, but all are delicious enough to at least pamper your stomach and make you feel better.

Beef Noodle Soup

2- beef noodle.jpg -

Nothing tastes better after a night of drinking than slurping up hearty noodles in a hot, rich broth, and to Justin Quek, consultant chef to three renowned French restaurants in town, his particular favourite is a steaming bowl of clear beef noodle soup. Where we recommend is Noodle and Congee Corner at Grand Lisboa hotel in Macau. As the name suggests, Chinese noodles and congee are the specialities here. Although they offer three choices of soup base – pork bone, beef, and hot and sour soup – we recommend the clear and wholesome beef broth, which bursts with flavour and is always served piping hot. The last step to your hangover kick is to pair the soup with your choice of a traditional handmade noodle ranging from hand-sliced dao xiao mian Shanxi-style to the perfectly al dente hand-pulled la mian. What's more, Noodle and Congee Corner opens 24 hours everyday, ready to provide this instant hangover cure anytime of day or night.

Bloody Mary

0- ozone bloody mary.jpg -

Ironically, alcohol is all Shane Osborn needs to kick away his hangover blues. "My best hangover cure is more vodka", said the sunny-faced Australian chef at St. Bettys. Even though there’s no scientific proof showing that moderate drinking can alleviate a hangover (“hair of the dog”, as they say), the healthy ingredients in a Bloody Mary does function as a natural detoxification and helps replenish your body from dehydration and loss of nutrition. Serious enough to make it stand out from the others, the Bloody Mary by Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton is made from freshly-blended Italian tomato juice, homemade vodka blending chilli, saffron and rosemary, and offers six different kinds of Tabasco sauce and six types of specialty mineral salts for guests to choose from. Bar manager Pietro Didio infuses the Mediterranean herbs into fresh tomato juice for 12 hours to enhance flavours of his signature cocktail.

Eggs, Champagne and Sustainable Caviar

1- mandarin grill egg.jpg -

To Daniel Boulud, the man behind French restaurant Daniel in Upper East Side of New York, the best remedy for a hangover is the classy yet decadent combination of "scrambled eggs with caviar... and a glass of champagne". Mandarin Grill in Mandarin Oriental is the best place to start a morning with such an indulgence. The breakfast menu features organic eggs sourced from Rhug Estate, prepared as perfectly creamy scrambled eggs, or any style of your choosing. On top of the more usual egg dishes such as Benedict, Florentine and egg sandwiches, the caviar version highlights the smooth and glossy fish roe from a sustainable French producer, served with poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. Complete the match made in heaven with a choice of vintage or non-vintage champagnes from the extensive wine list.


4- cafe gray goulash.jpg -

Wolfgang Puck, the iconic Austrian chef with restaurants worldwide, believes that goulash can wake people out of any hangover. Being Hungary's most famous dish, the heartwarming and satisfying soup is a traditional recipe made with beef, vegetables and sour cream, usually with peppercorn or spices to give it a bit of heat. Coincidentally, chef Gray Kunz – who recently returned to Café Gray Deluxe in The Upper House to design his new menu for 2013 – echoes Puck to tell us that his best hangover cure is also goulash, ideally with a piece of good-quality bread. This hearty beef stew dish is not easy to find in Hong Kong, but luckily chef Kunz has added this to the restaurant's latest winter menu. The goulash at Café Gray Deluxe is prepared in a classic recipe but served with a modern presentation.

Full English Breakfast

6- st betty breakfast.jpg -

Chef Richard Ekkebus, of Amber in Central, tells us his best hangover cure is the traditional full English breakfast made by his British wife Fiona, as it always helps him get back into shape. Though nothing beats a laidback homecooked breakfast, those who are not as lucky as chef Ekkebus can still head to St Betty, the cosy and sunny restaurant by Alan Yau in IFC mall for a big and scrumptious fry up. Tracing back to the restaurateur's British roots, and head chef Shane Osborn’s stint in London, St. Betty offers a full English breakfast including two eggs, streaky bacon, sausage, black pudding, slow-roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. Washed down with a strong cup of English Breakfast tea, the substantial meal will surely wake you up from any hangover and set you up with a surge of energy to get you through the day.




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