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Digest Tsuta Brings Michelin-Rated Ramen To Causeway Bay

Tsuta Brings Michelin-Rated Ramen To Causeway Bay

Tsuta Brings Michelin-Rated Ramen To Causeway Bay
By Wilson Fok
May 10, 2017
The famous Japanese ramen shop is set to debut in Hong Kong this month

Founded in Tokyo in 2012, Tsuta was the ramen shop  awarded one Michelin star in 2015. And now, the Japanese ramen restaurant will be opening in Hong Kong this month. The popular restaurant is set to reside in a ground floor space at V Point, which also houses Japanese establishments La Bombance and Sanpi Ryoron. It also joins the plethora of noodle bars on Tang Lung Street, from Butao to Tsukemen Mitaseimenjo.

After opening two overseas outlets—in Singapore, last November and, most recently, its first outpost in Taiwan—Tsuta has picked Hong Kong for its third branch outside of Japan. The new ramen shop will serve its original menu, including three varieties of soup bases: shio (salt-based), shoyu (soy-based) and miso ramen.

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The soul of ramen lies in its broth. At Tsuta, the soup base is made by simmering whole chickens with seafood and herbs to create a umami-rich broth. The signature shoyu-based broth is created with the addition of soy sauce made in Wakayama, Japan, while the ramen is served with a black truffle sauce. The salt-based soup is more seafood based, made with an abundant array of seafood including fish and asari clams, with the addition of two salts: sea salt from Okinawa and rock salt from Mongolia. Haccho miso from Tokushima prefecture and a touch of porcini oil add depth to the miso soup base, with just a hint of hot sauce to enhance the miso-based ramen. Guests can also customise their ramen with additional soba noodles, bamboo shoot, pork charsiu and marinated egg, together with rice dishes as well.

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Similar to its original shop in Tokyo, Tsuta will be adopting its limited serving capacity per day in its Hong Kong branch, setting the cap limit at 400 bowls of ramen a day. For a taste of the ramen that garnered international recognition, one should expect a queue and some considerable waiting time ahead.

Tsuta opens on May 19.

Tsuta, Shop 2, G/F, 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay

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