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Digest Will Flamingo Bloom Change The Way You Think Of Iced Tea?

Will Flamingo Bloom Change The Way You Think Of Iced Tea?

Will Flamingo Bloom Change The Way You Think Of Iced Tea?
By Wilson Fok
June 26, 2017
This new contemporary café embraces Chinese tea culture

Deeply rooted in Hong Kong’s food culture, tea is more than just a pairing beverage for dim sum and Chinese food. Those with an increasing appreciation for tea can find excellence in establishments such as Nana Chan’s  Teakha, and so we have high hopes for Flamingo Bloom, a new tea salon specialising in takeaway loose-leaf tea infusions with a fruity twist. Set to open July 2 on Stanley Street, the new contemporary tea shop is ready to give traditional bubble teas a run for their money.

The new tea salon takes pride in serving all-natural teas made without synthetic preservatives. Various teas are sourced from high altitude tea production regions in China and Taiwan. Guests can choose from four basic tea bases: Fujian’s jasmine green tips, Taiwan’s highland oolong, Yunnan’s chrysanthemum pu’er, and Sichuan’s honey orchid black tea. Brewed every four hours with whole-leaf infusions and double-purified water, guests can anticipate teas that are aromatic and delicate in flavour. Guests can choose to enjoy their brews on ice, or customise with add-ons such as fresh fruit, boba (large tapioca pearls), matcha, dried French rose buds, or a salted milk cap made by whipping cream cheese and milk. 

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Aside from personalised teas, guests can also select from Flamingo Bloom’s own tea varieties, notably including signatures such as:

Intense Orange x Jasmine Tips Green
Boba Pearls x French Rose and Highland Oolong
Fresh Fruits x Orchid Black Tea
Salted Milk Cap x Chrysanthemum Pu’er

Flamingo Bloom is set to open on July 2, 2017.

Flamingo Bloom, Shop B, G/F 50 Stanley Street, Central; +852 2483 1778


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