Aaron Chan

Aaron Chan

Think driving 16,000 kilometres from London to Mongolia in a clapped-out car with only your wits to guide you sounds reckless? Well, that’s the entire point of the Mongol Rally. Each year, hundreds of teams set out on the gruelling drive across almost a third of the world to Ulan Bator. They must drive small vehicles bought for less than HK$6,000, and they’re on their own—no support teams or assistance from the organisers. Aaron and teammates Natalie Chan and Jonathan Ma became, in 2013, the first Hongkongers to complete it. Aaron and Jonathan now form the music duo Sonic MSG. Their music video The Eve, an innovative combination of electronic sounds and Charlie Chaplin’s speech from The Great Dictator, went viral. Oh, and Aaron’s also a doctor. It seems the sky’s the limit for this adventurous musician.

Secret to Success: A passion for adventure that’s fully realised.



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